What do people think about higher pensioner incomes

John Dibson, 63. Picture:

John Dibson, 63. Picture: - Credit: Sophia Simoes

John Dibson, 63, of Southwell Road in Norwich who is retired said he had worked all his life and felt he deserved a high income pension. He said pension increases were 'rightly due'.

Kerry Durrant, 22. Picture:

Kerry Durrant, 22. Picture: - Credit: Sophia Simoes

Kerry Durrant, 22, of Theobald Road, who is a car insurance sales assistant, said she thought the elderly had earned their pensions throughout their lives. But said workers were just as entitled to rises in earnings as pensioners.

She said the elderly did need help and compensation, perhaps more so than the working age population, and was in favour of keeping the triple lock pension because it benefitted both the workers and the retired population.

She is already planning for her retirement through work and hopes to be earning as much, if not more, than her parents once she retires.

Eleen Dudley, 30 and father (left) Andrew Galllecher, 55. Picture:

Eleen Dudley, 30 and father (left) Andrew Galllecher, 55. Picture: - Credit: Sophia Simoes

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Peter Doughty, 50, a construction manager, said the triple lock secured pensions for those who were rightly entitled to them.

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But he said he did think policy decisions were more focused on the elderly population, and there should be more of a balance.

He suggested that the working age population should contribute more towards pensions to guarantee their own in the future.

Vincent Everett, 49. Picture:

Vincent Everett, 49. Picture: - Credit: Sophia Simoes

Eleen Dudley, 30 and her father Andrew Gallecher, 55, both live in Norwich.

They thought pensioners already benefitted a lot and did not need to earn as much as they working population as they had less to pay for and worry about. They said working age income needed to be increased so people could invest more into their pensions.

Vincent Everett, 49, a Spanish teacher from Dereham, said working age people should be prioritised as they were contributing to the economy today. He was in favour of removing the triple lock and allowing increases to occur 'independently'.

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