West Norfolk council propose local lottery to fund local causes

West Norfolk council leader Brian Long. Picture: Matthew Usher.

West Norfolk council leader Brian Long. Picture: Matthew Usher.

A new local lottery in West Norfolk could get the ball rolling for local good causes by generating additional funds for the council.

West Norfolk council is proposing to set up a web-based lottery scheme whereby players can purchase a £1 ticket for a good cause or charity or to go towards the council's general fund.

The general fund will be distributed to organisations that have experienced funding cuts, such as the King's Lynn Festival and Citizens Advice.

The council's environment committee are due to meet tomorrow to discuss how to roll out the scheme in West Norfolk. Proposals are being made for the lottery to be run by an external management company, who will be responsible for collecting and distributing donations and will receive 17pc of the funds raised.

With the remainder of the funds, 50pc will go towards a good cause, 10pc towards the general fund, 20pc to a prize fund jackpot and 3pc to VAT. If no good cause is selected then 60pc will go to the general fund.

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Successful lotteries have been set up in Aylesbury and Portsmouth which are both run by their respective local authorities.

This comes after West Norfolk council agreed to increase council tax by £4 per year for Band D properties. Council leader Brian Long said the lottery will give the public a choice of where their contributions should be spent.

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He added: 'We have raised council tax because going forward in three years time we projected a £3m black hole in our budget to carry on doing what we're doing.

'I do not want to cut services to people, I want to keep the vibrancy the events of King's Lynn brings and start to address that some of those things have to be funded in a different way.'

Mr Long is hoping the plans will be approved by cabinet and council in order to start the lottery this year.

Local charities and organisations will be encouraged to get registered on the site to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot.

'I have spoken to a number of charities and they have said this is a positive step.' Mr Long added. 'I am sure we will be inundated with charities wanting to join, if hundreds come forward then there will be hundreds on the list.

'The lottery is available to access from anywhere for anybody to play, you do not have to live within the boundaries.'

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