We need to regain our borders and vote to leave, says latest Norfolk MP outter

The North West Norfolk parlimentary candidates social media event at the EDP offices in King's Lynn

The North West Norfolk parlimentary candidates social media event at the EDP offices in King's Lynn - Conservative candidate Henry Bellingham. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

Leaving the European Union is the only way we are going to regain our borders, Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham has said.

The former foreign office minister announced he would be voting to leave 'with a heavy heart' as the prime minister's deal would fail to make a difference to the number of eastern Europeans coming to Britain.

It comes as North-East Cambridgeshire MP Stephen Barclay also said he would vote to leave because the deal had not been a 'game changer' to protect against further integration.

But Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey, who did not declared immediately at the weekend, said she would be voting to stay.

It means Mr Bellingham and South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon are the only MPs in Norfolk and Suffolk who will be in the leave camp.

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Mr Bellingham said he had been looking for an emergency brake on numbers coming in to the country and questioned if the curbs on tax credits and reduced child benefits really were going to make a difference to the number of eastern Europeans coming to Britain.

'I want to see Britain control its own borders. I can't campaign against planning permissions in my constituency and say enough is enough when it comes to concreting over Norfolk when one of the drivers is population growth across the country as a whole. I want controlled migration. It is important we have migrants coming to the country, they contribute a huge amount, and certainly in the agriculture, food processing and construction industry we need eastern European workers, but we need to be able to determine who comes and doesn't come here. 'We have a situation at the moment where I have a constituent who has a New Zealander wife who has had a child and she is being told she can't stay here because he is not earning more than £18,000. I also have a constituent who has a Moroccan wife and two children and she has got to go back and the children can stay because he doesn't earn enough money. He said he could bring an eastern European wife and she could bring 15 members of her family and we would have no control. So we are imposing draconian controls on non-EU migrants because that is the only part of migration we can control and yet we have a completely free for all coming from Europe and I think that is a real problem and I think this is the only chance we are going to have to regain our border.

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'I can see a lot of good things around trade, investment, around international relations and being part of a big organisation. I buy all those arguments and it does give Britain prestige, it does mean we are at the top table delivering the rules around trade and everything else, I know the payment scheme is important for our farming industry. But I think migration is the one issue that we haven't quite got enough on. 'It is my view. It is important for me to let my constituents know what my views are. I have gone into this with a heavy heart. I don't see myself campaigning against other Norfolk MPs or sharing a platform with UKIP, I don't see that happening necessarily. I may do some meetings, but I am not an ardent, avid leaver.'

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