Video: It’s pothole day at Norfolk County Council!

Norfolk County Council is highlighting its fight against potholes.

Norfolk County Council is highlighting its fight against potholes. - Credit: PA

They are a menace to every motorist, but potholes will today become the subject of a film released by Norfolk County Council.

The council is highlighting its never-ending battle against the problem, and estimates it has fixed more than 7,000 over the past year.

The documentary-style film, Potholehunters, follows the highways teams fixing potholes in the north and south of the county. Filmed at the end of March, it shows a team fixing an urgent 'priority B' pothole on a road near Trunch and another team doing scheduled repairs along a road just outside Ketteringham.

It also features interviews with the workers and tells people how they can report potholes to the three authorities responsible.

The council will also tweet pothole-related photos, facts and information throughout the day using the hashtag #potholehunters.

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David Harrison, cabinet member for environment, transport, development and waste, said: 'Potholes are a nuisance, and they can be a danger, but they are unfortunately a fact of life. We want people to know that our highways teams work hard to repair our roads, get the job done effectively and efficiently, and take a real pride in their work.'

Phone Norfolk County Council on 0344 800 8020 to report dangerous pot holes, and highlight others at, giving as much information as possible about size and location.

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Norwich City Council is responsible for roads, cycleways and pavements in Norwich. Report potholes at or 0344 980 3333.

The Highways Agency is responsible for the A11, A12 and A47. Report potholes on 0300 123 5000.

Watch the video at, and

Do you want to join the pothole day fun? Email a photo of your favourite pothole to, or tweet us at @edp24

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