Unauthorised items removed from cemetery and Baby Grave Section in Cromer

A Norfolk cemetery. Picture: Simon Finlay

A Norfolk cemetery. Picture: Simon Finlay - Credit: Archant � 2009

Parents and family of loved ones buried in Cromer's cemetery have been reminded that some items on graves may have been removed by the Cromer Town Council this week.

To ensure the town's cemetery is both safe and environmentally friendly, unauthorised items have been removed from both the Baby Grave Section and the cemetery, and will be stored securely by the council for eight months.

A spokesman for the town council said: 'Inspections are carried out throughout the year and items labelled or removed to await collection. CTC erects notices prior to inspection and continue to make people aware via articles in the local media.

'Members understand that this is a very emotive and sensitive subject, and even more so when it comes to the baby grave area.'

Parents of babies buried in the Baby Grave Section were notified a month prior to their removal, which items on graves would be removed.

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Items which were breakable, and emitted light, sound, or movement, have been removed from graves in the interest of safety and ambience of the area for other visitors.

In the letter to parents, the council wrote: 'We appreciate the following may be a difficult issue, but we wish to draw your attention to the rules and regulations which were introduced so that the cemetery can be well kept and easily maintained.'

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The Town Council has made a series of steps this year to make it easier for the community to mourn their loved ones.

The spokesman continued: 'Earlier this year members also agreed to waive all burial fees for babies and children up to and including the age of 16 and charge a reduced fee of £25 for the purchase of exclusive rights of burial for the grave concerned.

'In respect of the baby grave area, tributes are now allowed on the whole of the grave and small fences are permitted to deter rabbits from eating floral tributes.'

They added: 'The review also permitted visitors to the cemetery to leave tributes on unmarked graves as long as they are restricted to an area in line with adjoining memorials. Prior to this, tributes were only permitted on graves with memorials.'

The Town Council also made clear that any queries can be directed to them, either by contacting their offices at North Lodge on Overstrand Road, or by calling 01263 512254.

Otherwise email info@cromer-tc.gov.uk.

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