‘I’ll man the beaches to stop illegal immigrants’ vows UKIP hopeful

David Moreland UKIP candidate for Norwich North is set to man observation points on Norfolk's beache

David Moreland UKIP candidate for Norwich North is set to man observation points on Norfolk's beaches to stop illegal immigrationPic: Archant - Credit: Archant

A UKIP candidate has vowed to set up observation points along the coast of Norfolk in a bid to thwart illegal immigrants.

Norwich North hopeful David Moreland also claims immigrants are clambering on to wind turbines in the North Sea to wait to be collected and ferried to beaches in Norfolk.

The former infantry solider in the Royal Green Jackets served in Northern Ireland prior to working for the Metropolitan Police. But now he is a full-time politician and has been an active UKIP member for 16 years.

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He said: "We are going to set up an observation point on a beach because apparently they are coming across on boats from the Amsterdam coastline. Halfway across the channel where we have two big wind farms they are getting dropped off at the wind farm and there are steps up and a platform where they can stand. Then they come over at night.

"They are also coming over on paragliders - I've seen it.

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When asked if the paragliders could just be hobbyists he replied: "Yes."

An offshore wind industry spokesman said: "It's nonsense."

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In September a container ship carrying turbines from Spain to Great Yarmouth was found to be carrying 21 Albanians but there have been no reports of wind farms being used as stop off points.

Mr Moreland, 64, also claimed cuts to the armed forces and the police were not down to austerity but to prepare for integration with a Europe-wide security system.

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"The army, the navy, the air force, the police - we were told the reductions were made for financial reasons but they weren't. They were done to prepare us to integrate in to the EU system.

"We need to be tough on all immigration. We should have that points system. Our lads now can only check on 4pc of cars, containers and people coming in - a lot is unchecked. If that continues we are going to get more lorry loads of immigrants.

"At the age of 17 when I joined the army I swore allegiance to my Queen and country. I lived in Spain and spent a lot time in Europe. I love European people. But I wouldn't trust politicians as far as I could pick them up and kick them down the road. They lie.

"In Europe - Hungary, France, Germany - they are all sitting there with their fingers crossed hoping that the UK has got the balls to walk away. They want their countries back as well. They don't want to be governed by this huge political system. I believe that in this country we have been lied to, we've been cheated. I want to stand up for the country I swore allegiance to."

Candidates also standing in Norwich North include: Chloe Smith (Con), Karen Davis (Lab), Adrian Holmes (Green) and David Thomas (Lib Dem).

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