Third councillor resigns from Conservative party at the North Norfolk District Council

Councillor John Rest. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

Councillor John Rest. Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

Another councillor has resigned from the Conservative party at the North Norfolk District Council.

Councillor John Rest, who was the ward councillor for Fakenham Lancaster South on the NNDC, has defected from the Conservative Party and will now be working as an Independent councillor.

Mr Rest said: 'After much thought and consideration, I have reluctantly taken the decision to resign from the Conservative Group at North Norfolk District Council, with immediate effect.

'I shall, henceforth,represent Fakenham (Lancaster South Ward) as an Independent councillor.'

Mr Rest continued: 'As you may recall, I resigned from the Cabinet at the end of last year, on a point of principle and I planned to concentrate my efforts on supporting local issues and representing my constituents.

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'However, whilst remaining in sympathy with the general ethos of the Conservative Party, I find I can no longer support the Leader of NNDC and his administration.'

He added: 'I feel that as Fakenham is on the brink of significant changes, I will be better able to support and assist local residents and businesses as an Independent Councillor.

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'I can reassure everyone concerned that they can still contact me via the same telephone numbers and email address, which are on the NNDC website.'

Mr Rest's departure is not the first to be seen at the NNDC.

On September 17 of this year, Suffield Park ward councillor Nigel Pearce left the Conservative Party to join the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Pearce said at the time: 'In my opinion, the problems with the current administration stem from the cabinet system where the decisions of the council are made by a very small group.

'This leaves back-bench councillors at a disadvantage when we try to work for the best interests of local residents. There have been several occasions where the best people for the job have been replaced simply because they dared to question the administration.'

In June this year Georgie Perry-Warnes, from Corpusty and Saxthorpe ward, also left the Conservatives to become an independent member, citing similar concerns about the party's leadership.

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