Thetford councillors both have to eat their hats after American election bet

STAFF Thetford mayor Terry Jermy and town councillor Mark Taylor had a bet about the outcome of the

STAFF Thetford mayor Terry Jermy and town councillor Mark Taylor had a bet about the outcome of the American election, in which Mr Jermy said he would 'eat his hat' if Donald Trump won. In the next full council meeting Mr Taylor brought in a hat-adorned cake for Mr Jermy - only to find out his council colleague had had the same idea. - Credit: Archant

The result of the American election provided both happy and shocking surprises for millions around the world.

Two more people were added to that list last night after settling a bet over its outcome.

Thetford mayor Terry Jermy placed a bet with fellow town councillor Mark Taylor that if business mogul Donald Trump got into the White House after the election on November 8, he would eat his hat.

After Trump's shocking victory, Mr Taylor made preparations to help his council colleague settle his debt – by making a cake adorned with a stars-and-stripes patterned hat.

He planned to present it to the mayor at the end of Thetford Town Council's ceremonial council meeting on Tuesday night.

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But Mr Taylor got a surprise of his own when Mr Jermy produced his own hat-themed cake for his co-conspirator, crowned by a baseball cap which bore Trump's famous motto from the campaign trail, 'Make America great again'.

Presenting his cake, Mr Jermy said: 'If the last three months have taught me anything about politics, it is that it can be unpredictable.

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'I had a bet with councillor Taylor that if Donald Trump won the election I would eat my hat. It turns out, he was correct.'

As he presented his cake later in the meeting, Mr Taylor said: 'Unfortunately councillor Jermy has beaten me to it, but I do not think we have quite enough cake.'

The two councillors were captured on camera with their respective cakes, with Mr Taylor planning to auction the photograph to raise money for Thetford's Salvation Army.

The hats on top of cakes were not the only ones to create a scene in the meeting.

Fran Robinson, who had previously objected to a council tradition denoting women must wear caps during ceremonial meetings, arrived without her hat.

Fellow councillor Roy Brame objected so strongly to her not abiding by the rules – despite the fact she had gained permission from the mayor to do so – that he left the meeting.

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