Summer car parking branded an ‘absolute shambles’ at Holt Town Council

A project to help raise money for community schemes at Holt has been branded an 'absolute shambles' by a town councillor.

Temporary summer parking at Gresham's Pre-prep School had not been as successful as hoped due to a lack of support from residents and traders, town councillors were told.

It was hoped that the project would raise about �5,000 for the town, which would have been used to implement the Holt Vision blueprint to boost its vitality.

But instead a total of �1,956 has been raised to date, which includes a donation of �250 from the Holt Festival team which used the land during the festival week.

After expenses the final amount will be split equally between Gresham's School and the town council.

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It was also stated during the meeting that the town council had not been made aware by Gresham's that some people had been allowed to park on the site for free previously and during the scheme two car park stewards had been put in 'difficult situations'.

Duncan Baker said: 'I think this is an absolute shambles and Gresham's have done nothing to enforce the contract that has been put in place. It has to be adhered to.

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'We are trying to help and raise money for the town.'

Mr Baker hoped that the problem could be resolved before future car parking projects with the school. Gresham's had expressed a wish to help with car parking in their development plans.

It was also announced at the meeting that the first �324 of Big Society grant, earmarked for the Holt market, had to be returned. The town had been awarded a total of �1,629 for the market project which will now not go ahead.

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