South West Norfolk previous election results

Results from the 2005, 2001 and 1997 elections

2005 results:

Christopher Fraser (Con) 25,881; Charmaine Morgan (Lab) 15,795; April Pond (Lib Dems) 10,207; Delia Hall (UKIP) 2,738; Kim Hayes (Ind) 506. Maj 10,086. Turnout; 62.5pc.

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2001 results:

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Gillian Shephard (Con) 27,633; Anne Hanson (Lab) 18,267; Gordon Dean (Lib Dems) 5,681; Ian Jonathan Smith (UKIP) 1,368. Maj 9,376. Turnout; 63.1pc.

1997 results:

Gillian Shephard (Con) 24,694; Adrian Hefferman (Lab) 22,230; David Bucton (Lib Dems) 8,178; R Hoare (Referendum Party) 3,694. Maj 2, 464. Turnout; 73.3pc.

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