5 key issues that will decide who wins in North Norfolk

The historic Cromer Pier in North Norfolk, a constituency where the 2019 general election battle is

The historic Cromer Pier in North Norfolk, a constituency where the 2019 general election battle is set to be close Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2019

North Norfolk voted to leave the European Union but for years it had a remain supporting MP in the Liberal Democrats' Sir Norman Lamb.

But Sir Norman is not standing this time - and many people believe without his personality being a factor votes might swing back to the Tories.

Sir Norman Lamb's successor as Lib Dem candidate wants to revoke Article 50 immediately and kill off Brexit.

The big question at the general election will be how many of Sir Norman's supporters stick with the Lib Dems now that he's gone especially if they voted leave in the referendum?

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In North Norfolk the battle is on to grab the 'Norman factor' voters.

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So, ahead of next month's general election, the Brexit issue is likely to be a key issue.

Other issues for North Norfolk include:

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Mental health - A cash boost for the NHS to help treat mental health with the same urgency as physical health will be popular. This is particularly critical in North Norfolk as performance is currently below par. It's something Sir Norman campaigned hard for.

Coastal erosion - Money to tackle coastal erosion would enable North Norfolk to attempt to manage the ever-changing coastlines. It has been claimed people living on the Norfolk coastline are at risk of becoming "climate refugees" due to erosion, rising sea levels and climate change. Happisburgh has one of the fastest stretches of eroding coastline in Britain.

Transport infrastructure - Public transport, especially in rural areas, needs investment. Investment would also reduce carbon by making buses and trains more attractive.

Rural broadband - Voters are desperate for hyper-fast, fibre-optic broadband to be installed in rural areas. This would prove a particular fillip for businesses.

The candidates standing in North Norfolk are: Karen Ward (Lib Dem), Duncan Baker (Con), Emma Corlett (Lab) and Harry Gywnne (Brexit).

Two years ago, Norman Lamb won a majority of 3,512 ahead of Conservative rival James Wild, with Labour's Stephen Burke third.

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