Revealed - what Sir Henry Bellingham spent to win North West Norfolk seat in general election

Sir Henry Bellingham. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Sir Henry Bellingham. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

Winning candidate Sir Henry Bellingham spent more than all his four challengers put together to hold onto the North West Norfolk seat in June's General Election.

Labour's Jo Rust. Picture: Ian Burt

Labour's Jo Rust. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Candidates' electoral expenses have now been made public under Electoral Commission rules.

Accounts detailing all expenditure can be viewed by arrangement at West Norfolk council's offices in King's Lynn.

Conservative Sir Henry comfortably won the seat with 29,408 votes.

Figures show that he spent £10,464.17 - well beneath the £15,564.12 maximum that candidates were allowed to spend in the constituency during the 25 day run-up to the June 9 poll.

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That included £2,603.57 on advertising, £6,447.70 on unsolicited material to electors, £1,234 on agent and other costs, £178.90 on accommodation and personal expenses of £250.

MORE - Winners and losers across Norfolk and WaveneyLabour's Jo Rust, who came second with 15,620 votes, spent £2,825.99 on her campaign.

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That included £1,017.99 on advertising and £1,808 on unsolicited material to electors.

The UK Independence Party's Michael Stone, who polled 1,539 votes, spent £780 including £280 on unsolicited material to electors and £500 on agent and other staff costs.

Liberal Democrat Rupert Moss-Eccardt, who won 1,393 votes, spent £1,057 including £1,012.79 on unsolicited material to electors and £44.86 on accommodation and admin.

Green Michael De Whalley, who polled 851 votes, spent £261.18 - all of it on Facebook advertising, according to the three receipts submitted by his agent.

Unsolicited material usually refers to campaign leaflets handed out in the street or pushed through people's doors.

But accounts show Mr Bellingham and Ms Rust also spent on roadside billboards and placards in supporters gardens.

MORE - North West Norfolk constituency profileAfter an election candidates' agents must account for all of the costs of campaigning and any donations received in a spending return.

Returning officers must receive spending returns from all candidates by a certain date, which varies depending on the election. The accounts are then made available for public inspection.

North West Norfolk's can be viewed during office hours at King's Court, Chapel Street, King's Lynn.

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