Questions over allegation which led to child being taken away from Norwich foster carer

The new head of children's services wants to fewer children to be taken into care. Picture: Dominic

The new head of children's services wants to fewer children to be taken into care. Picture: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A former foster carer had a child taken away when an anonymous allegation was made against her daughter. But she is still searching for answers about inconsistencies used in the evidence to take the child away.

The child was removed from the level five foster carer in February 2012 and she has not been allowed to foster since. But she has unanswered questions about the evidence used to take the child away from her.

Children's services told her they received a call from a member of the public about the child allegedly being pushed at the UEA Sportspark swimming pool by the foster carer's daughter in February 2012. The family were not at the Sportspark that day.

The location of the allegation later changed to the swimming pool at City Academy in Earlham. Children's services said a mistake was made when recording the location.

But the foster carer said her daughter was not with her at the swimming pool that day.

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The family highlighted further inconsistencies when they discovered that three different people at the County Council all said they took the call from the member of the public about the allegation.

The foster carer said she was further confused when she obtained a council document appearing to show the decision to remove the child from her care had been made before children's services even received a call from the member of public.

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The child was removed and the foster carer's daughter was arrested and charged with assault.

She denied the allegation and after she appeared at Norwich Magistrates' Court in 2013 the criminal case was dropped.

An investigation into the police's handling of the case by the professional standards department in 2013 upheld some complaints against the police made by the Norfolk Foster Care Association (NFCA) in the case.

The investigation found that the daughter should never have been charged as there was not enough evidence against her.

The foster carer was subsequently deregistered and has not fostered since.

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