Photo Gallery: Labour makes five county council gains in Norwich divisions

Norfolk County Council Norwich division elections count in St Andrews Hall, Norwich. Jubilant Labour

Norfolk County Council Norwich division elections count in St Andrews Hall, Norwich. Jubilant Labour candidates and supporters.Photo: Steve Adams

While UKIP's success meant Labour failed to make the gains they wanted to become the opposition at County Hall, the party at least had something to cheer about at the Norwich count.

Of the 13 divisions being counted at St Andrew's Hall, Labour won eight of them. They held their existing divisions, but also took Catton Grove and Bowthorpe from the Conservatives and Town Close, Mile Cross and Sewell from the Greens.

Steve Morphew, former Norwich City Council leader, was the victor in Catton Grove, with a 461 majority over second-placed UKIP candidate Michelle Ho.

The Greens were delighted to take Thorpe Hamlet through Adrian Dearnley. The sitting councillor Philip Hardy, who was a Green when he won in 2009 had defected to the Conservatives in the middle of his term. He finished third, behind Labour.

But there was a shock in Town Close, where Labour's Emma Corlett's 1,234 votes saw off Green candidate Paul Neale, who garnered 1,117, to take the seat from the Greens. Sitting councillor Stephen Little had decided not to stand.

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Ms Corlett, a mental health nurse, said: 'It's a very good scalp for Labour. I have worked incredibly hard in the ward, campaigning and supporting people with casework.'

The Liberal Democrats placed fourth in most of the divisions, but did hold onto Eaton, which means a return to the political front-line for Brian Watkins, ex- leader of the Lib Dem group.

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There was also a by-election in the city council Mancroft ward, which was held for the Greens by Simeon Jackson.

Richard Bearman, leader of the Green group, said: 'We are very pleased to have held the wards we have held, but obviously we have lost one or two. We have held my seat and the by-election, which I am very pleased about.'

Overall turnout in the Norwich divisions was 30.9pc.


Bowthorpe: Mike Sands (Lab GAIN from C), 1144; Paul Wells* (C), 676; Jean Bishop (G), 342; Felicity Hartley (LD), 97. Turnout: 27.1pc.

Catton Grove: Steve Morphew (Lab GAIN from C), 945; Michelle Ho (UKIP), 489; Christopher Gray (C), 416; Tony Park (G), 208; Leigh Tooke (LD), 99. Turnout: 27pc.

Crome: George Nobbs* (Lab HOLD), 1061; Ann Williams (UKIP), 506; Jonathan Emsell (C), 342; Judith Ford (G), 173; Jane Wright (LD), 71. Turnout: 28.5pc.

Eaton: Brian Watkins (LD HOLD), 1460; Antony Little (C), 1034; Jack Sinclair (Lab), 647; Jane Saunders (G), 396. Turnout: 48.6.

Lakenham: Susan Whitaker* (Lab HOLD), 1149; David Fairbarin (LD), 539; Tim Jones (G), 323; Matthew Morris (C), 259. Turnout: 31.1pc.

Mancroft: Richard Bearman* (G HOLD), 1140; Stephanie Friend (Lab), 906; Thomas Stringer (C), 328; Jeremy Hooke (LD), 175. Turnout: 31.7pc.

Mile Cross: Deborah Gihawi (Lab GAIN from G), 913; Richard Edwards* (G), 435; John Youles (UKIP), 397; Simon Harrison (C), 217; Sarah Cunningham (LD), 86. Turnout: 26.1pc.

Nelson: Andrew Boswell* (G HOLD), 1341; Layla Dickerson (Lab), 775; Alexandra Davies (C), 221; Helen Whitworth (LD), 147. Turnout: 34.2pc.

Sewell: Julie Brociek-Coulton (Lab GAIN from G), 805; Jonathan Hill (G), 631; Glenn Tingle (UKIP), 368; Evelyn Collishaw (Con), 322; Stuart Beadle (LD), 64. Turnout: 27.9pc.

Thorpe Hamlet: Adrian Dearnley (G HOLD), 959; Eamonn Burgess (Lab), 772; Philip Hardy (C), 567; Simon Nobbs (LD), 217. Turnout: 28.4pc.

Town Close: Emma Corlett (Lab GAIN from G), 1234; Paul Neale (G), 1117; Barry Cochrane (C), 604; Roderic Beale (LD), 203. Turnout: 37.3pc.

University: Bert Bremner* (Lab HOLD), 1137; Elliot Folan (G), 371; Thomas Cannon (C), 192; Philip Jimenez (LD), 117. Turnout: 24.1pc.

Wensum: Elizabeth Morgan (G HOLD), 1035; Martin Peek (Lab), 877; Joe Ferris (C), 246; Alex Barry (LD), 95. Turnout: 27.2pc.


Mancroft: Simeon Jackson (G HOLD), 1152; Tony Waring (Lab), 861; Thomas Stringer (C), 308; Jeremy Hooke (LD), 177. Turnout: 31.1pc.

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