Past results for North West Norfolk

An election count gets under way in King's Lynn. Picture: Matthew Usher

An election count gets under way in King's Lynn. Picture: Matthew Usher - Credit: Matthew Usher

Sitting MP Sir Henry Bellingham held onto the North West Norfolk seat with a majority of almost 15,000 in 2015.

After losing it for a single term to Dr George Turner when Tony Blair's New Labour swept to power in 1997, he has held it since 2001.

A veteran pro-Brexit MP standing in a pro-Brexit seat is unlikely to be too fearful of losing his Westminster pass this time around.

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2015 results:

Henry Bellingham (Con), 24,727; Jo Rust (Lab), 10,779; Toby Coke (UKIP), 8,412; Michael De Whalley (Green), 1,780; Hugh Lanham (Lib Dem), 1,673. Turnout 65.4pc.

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2010 results:

Henry Bellingham (Con) 25,916; William Summers (Lib Dem), 11,106; Manish Sood (Lab), 6,353; John Gray (UKIP), 1,841; David Fleming (BNP), 1,839; Mike de Whalley (Green), 745. Turnout 65.3pc.

2005 results:

Henry Bellingham (Con), 25,471; Damian Welfare (Lab), 16,291; Simon Higginson (Lib Dem), 7,026; Michael Stone (UKIP), 1861. Maj 9,180. Turnout 62.5pc.

2001 results:

Henry Bellingham (Con), 24,846; George Turner (Lab), 21,361; Ian Mack (Lib Dem), 4,292; Ian Durrant (UKIP), 704. Turnout 61.6pc.

1997 results:

George Turner (Lab), 25,250; Henry Bellingham (Con), 23,911; E Knowles (Lib Dem), 5,513; R Percival (Referendum) 2,923. Turnout 74.7pc.

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