Outside Westminster - do Labour members think Corbyn should stay or go?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during the EU referendum campaign. He is not facing a no confidence moti

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn during the EU referendum campaign. He is not facing a no confidence motion following the Brexit result John Linton/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Labour MPs are voting on a no confidence motion in their leader tabled by veteran backbencher Dame Margaret Hodge in a secret ballot today.

Jeremy Corbyn's leadership has been rocked by the mass resignations of dozens of frontbench shadow ministers including more than half the shadow cabinet.

Rebels are hoping that a vote of no confidence by the Parliamentary Labour Party would force him to quit.

But one of his closest allies has said a vote of no confidence by Labour MPs will have 'no meaning'.

Diane Abbott, the newly appointed shadow health secretary, said MPs will have to mount a full leadership challenge if they want to get rid of Mr Corbyn.

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And she said the outcome of any contest would still be decided by the grassroots activists who swept Mr Corbyn to the leadership in last year's election.

Terry Jermy, Norfolk County Councillor for Thetford West, Labour group leader at Breckland Council and mayor of Thetford, said he did not think Mr Corbyn should go, because he had only been in the job for a year, and he won convincingly in the leadership election.

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'I am disappointed in the EU campaign he ran but I don't think blaming him for the defeat is the right approach because there were much bigger issues at play.'

Labour party activist Jo Rust said: 'I think in order to clear the way he needs to accept another leadership challenge. If there were to be another leadership election and Jeremy was to win it would demonstrate to those casting doubt that Jeremy has a mandate from his membership. At the moment we are a party divided almost. But we are still seeing our membership increase week on week. 'These members are coming for a reason and if they are coming for Jeremy Corbyn it's only right the party should shut up and let him lead. Only if that's what the membership wants.'

Leader of Great Yarmouth Borough Council's Labour group, Trevor Wainwright, said: 'It's very disappointing at this time. Jeremy Corbyn was elected by a huge mandate by Labour party members and at a time when the country is in a meltdown it's not the right time [for those resigning] to be doing what they are doing.

'Personally I think he should hang on.'

But chairman of the North Norfolk Labour Party Stephen Burke said: 'My personal view is that Jeremy Corbyn should go, but the membership locally is divided on the issue.

'We have seen his support wavering particularly with what happened in the EU referendum. I am waiting to see which other candidates emerge and if there will be a leadership election. The EU referendum campaign was the final straw, Jeremy Corbyn's campaign was lacklustre and he failed to mobilise support for the Remain campaign and the result we needed.

'This was the most important vote in our lifetimes and we are going to have a right wing government and a rise in racism with little prospect of Labour returning to power.'

Breckland Labour councillor Harry Clarke would only say that the party needed a leader who was 'convincing and credible' to Labour voters.

He said he always united behind the elected leader adding: 'Divided parties do not win elections.'

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