One-to-one midwife pledge from Labour


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Labour has claimed every women will have one-to-one personalised care under its NHS investment plans.

Publishing its health manifesto today, the party has said that the 3,000 new midwives, will be employed through the £2.5bn Time to Care Fund, partly paid for through the so-called mansion tax on properties worth more than £2m.

Announcing what the party is dubbing its 'Call the Midwife' pledge, Labour leader Ed Miliband will talk about the arrival of his own children.

'When our two sons were born we received brilliant care from NHS midwives. I know how important this is for mothers, for babies – and for fathers too – at this special but nerve-wracking time for families,' he said.

'But too often staff shortages in the NHS means nurses, doctors and midwives feel they don't have the time to offer the care that they want - and families need. 'Call the Midwife' shouldn't just be a TV programme from the past but part of our NHS future too.

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'We need to ensure the NHS can offer every woman the personalised one-to-one care we expect from a modern and thriving health service.'

Meanwhile, Conservative health secretary Jeremy Hunt yesterday said a 'transformation in GP services' was the key to improving the NHS. He said the biggest strain on services was due to the increasingly complex needs of the country's ageing population.

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'We have a million more over-65s in the country than we did at the time of the last election,' he said.

'We have an ageing population who have very different healthcare needs, and we need to be much better at looking after people in their own homes and in the community.'

Mr Hunt said that his own father was no longer alive, but if he was: 'I would want to know that there was a doctor in the NHS that was keeping an eye on him all the time, whether or not he was in hospital'.

He also accused Labour of using the NHS as a 'political football', dismissing as 'politically motivated' a letter signed by more than 100 leading doctors earlier this week, which warned the NHS was being undermined by market-orientated reforms.

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