Revealed: Thousands of extra parking tickets were given out in Norfolk in the past year

File image of a parking enforcement officer checking cars in Great Yarmouth PHOTO: Nick Butcher

File image of a parking enforcement officer checking cars in Great Yarmouth PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Thousands more Norfolk drivers have been hit with parking tickets in the last year, it can be revealed.

Stock image of a person contesting a parking fine. Picture:NewsCast

Stock image of a person contesting a parking fine. Picture:NewsCast

The latest figures reveal a 10pc rise in tickets dished out by district councils, with the overall number passing 40,000 for the first time.

Between April 2017 and March 2018, more than 3,700 extra penalty charge notices (PCNs) were given out to motorists across the county than in the previous year.

There was a total of 41,444 windscreens ticketed in Norwich and Norfolk's six districts.

However, not all resulted in fines being paid, with figures showing around one in six of these notices were either overturned or written off.

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Most of the figures were revealed in a report going to Norfolk County Council's joint parking committee next week. The Norwich City Council figures were published separately.

Council reports published this week revealed 22,059 notices were issued in Norwich - more than half of the county total combined (19,385).

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The figures also revealed which authorities - besides Norwich City Council - issued the greatest number of fines, with Great Yarmouth Borough Council responsible for close to 20pc of all notices.

In the borough, 8,698 notices were handed out, an increase of 170pc on the previous year.

However, Great Yarmouth Borough Council has since said the figures presented are not comparable to other districts.

They said this is because Great Yarmouth's figures provide both off-street and on-street PCN, while other councils provide just off-street.

A spokesman for GYBC said the off-street PCN figure was 5,823.

It was also both on countywide and a citywide scale that the number of fines issues increased year on year.

In 2016/17, 20,772 were issued in Norwich, 1,287 fewer than 2017/18. Countywide, 37,737 notices were given in 2016/17, 3,707 fewer than the financial year just past.

The reports have been criticised by the AA, which in December launched a campaign calling for a more sensible approach to ticketing.

Luke Bosdet, an AA spokesman, said: 'Personally I feel the figures should also include which specific areas and car parks were the biggest hot spots for tickets.

'In terms of open democracy, people should be able to see where there might need to be some remedial action.'

Mr Bosdet added the campaign's aim was to encourage councils to focus on ticketing as a deterrent, rather than a source of revenue.

He said: 'All we ask is that discretion is used when ticketing. Often it is a case of shoot now and ask questions later, which shouldn't be the case.'

Regional breakdown

The 41,444 fines were split across the county's seven districts, though more than half of these were given out in Norwich.

The penalty notices were divided out as follows:

• Breckland: 2,138

• Broadland: 256

• Great Yarmouth: 8,698

• King's Lynn and West Norfolk: 4,713

• North Norfolk: 2,511

• Norwich: 22,059

• South Norfolk: 1.069

• Overall: 41,444

Of these, the following amounts were either over-turned, waived or written off:

• Breckland: 218 (10pc of the total given)

• Broadland: 34 (13pc)

• Great Yarmouth: 1,970 (22.6pc)

• King's Lynn and West Norfolk: 539 (11.4pc)

• North Norfolk: 259 (20.3pc)

• Norwich: 3,200 (14.5pc)

• South Norfolk: 177 (16.5pc)

• Overall: 6,397 (15.4pc)

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