Norwich South previous election results

Results from the 2005, 2001 and 1997 elections

2005 results:

Charles Clarke (Lab) 15,904; Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne (Lib Dems) 12,251; Antony Little (Con) 9,567; Adrian Ramsay (Greens) 3,101; Vandra Ahlstrom (UKIP) 597; Christine Constable (English Democrats) 466; Don Barnard (Legalise Cannabis) 219; Roger Blackwell (WRP) 85. Maj 3,653. Turnout 65pc.

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2001 results:

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Charles Clarke (Lab0 19,367; Andrew French (Con) 10,551; Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne (Lib Dems) 9,640; Adrian Holmes (Greens) 1,434; Alun Buffrey (Legalise Cannabis) 620; Dave Manningham (Socialist Alliance) 507; Tarquin Mills (UKIP) 473. Maj 8,816. Turnout 59.8pc.

1997 results:

Charles Clarke (Lab) 26,267; Bashir Khanbhai (Con) 12,028; Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne (Lib Dems) 9,457; D Holdsworth (Referendum Party) 1,464; Howard Marks (Legalise Cannabis) 765; Adrian Holmes (Greens) 736; B Parsons (Natural Law) 84. Maj 14,239. Turnout 72.6pc.

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