Norfolk trade union members travel to London to urge MPs to vote against curbs

Trade union members from Norfolk travelled to London to lobby MPs to vote against the Trade Union bi

Trade union members from Norfolk travelled to London to lobby MPs to vote against the Trade Union bill - Credit: Archant

Trade union members from the region have headed to Westminster to urge their MPs to vote against a bill they claim will clamp down on British workers' democratic right to strike.

Jo Rust, a Unite member, was part of a 17 strong delegation from King's Lynn, with about a dozen travelling by train from Norwich to the protest about the Trade Union Bill.

She warned that those not in a trade union would also be affected by the new moves, adding: 'A win for us is a win for everyone.'

Trade union representatives met Norfolk MPs including Henry Bellingham, Clive Lewis and Chloe Smith.

Ms Rust, who was the North West Norfolk candidate in the General Election in May, said: 'Even if you think trade unions are terrible, they have benefits. It is effectively going to cripple trade unions, the good engagement that staff have with have with employers and will see the Labour Party without funding.' She said that moves to end the practice of members paying their fees through their wages would bar people from joining unions because many people did not have bank accounts. David Lambert, the union Unison's senior steward at Norfolk County Council children's services, said the bill would also stop trade unions and employers working together. 'We work closely with Norfolk County Council, we don't always agree, but we work to try and resolve things and it is going to prove more difficult,' he said.

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The bill will change the law so that industrial action will need the support of at least 40pc of those entitled to vote.

It will also remove regulations which prohibit businesses from providing agency workers to cover striking workers.

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