‘Alan Partridge would be Tory too’ - Readers react to Nick Conrad’s MP bid

Nick Conrad has quit Radio Norfolk in the hope of becoming a Conservative MP. Photo: Steve Adams

Nick Conrad has quit Radio Norfolk in the hope of becoming a Conservative MP. Photo: Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Radio Norfolk presenter Nick Conrad has resigned from the BBC to pursue hopes of becoming a Conservative MP.

The breakfast host, 34, has not presented his show on Radio Norfolk since last Thursday and staff were informed he had left the organisation with immediate effect.

News broke today that he is on the Conservative party's shortlist in the Broadland constituency and hustings for the seat will be held on Wednesday night.

Social media reactions to the news range from fond well wishes to indignation.

Commenting in support of Mr Conrad Christopher Stanley said: "Good luck, he's local and cares about local."

Jill Claxton said: "Wish Nick the very best to win the seat."

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Adam Potter added: "Will get my vote."

Jamie Hatch said: "So sorry to see Nick leave the BBC, good luck in your future projects."

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Miles Rothschild-De Vere said: "Wishing Nick all the best on the start of his political career, he will be dearly missed from BBC Radio Norfolk airwaves."

A number of other people simply commented "good luck" and Michelle Cooper called the development "brilliant news."

But not everyone was pleased to hear of the former broadcaster's plans, with many criticising his political stance.

Gillian Cornell said: "He fits the Tory label, thinks his own opinion is right and doesn't listen to yours and says you're wrong anyway."

Roddy Ward said: "Surprise, surprise, before I looked I knew he was a Tory."

Juzza Juzzofski said: "I imagine that if Alan Partridge ever stood for parliament then he'd be a Tory too. Cut from the same cloth those two."

And Henk-jan Schoonbeek said: "He'll be pandering to the pensioners vote, he's spent years on the radio presenting their views."

Tina Burton added: "Tory! Terrible news."

Duncan Duffield said: "That's a shame I used to like him but not anymore."

Margaret Baker said: "He definitely won't get my vote."

Laura Loome added: "Oh please no."

And Matthew Ivany said: "Well at least it gets him off the radio."

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