Anger that speed camera taken down over danger fears to be re-installed

The Truvelo Speed camera on Norwich Road Framingham Earl. Photo : Steve Adams

A speed camera similar to this one will be reinstalled on the A10, despite concerns. - Credit: Steve Adams

A controversial speed camera, removed after it was branded dangerous for blocking the view of drivers, is to be reinstalled.

Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership installed the new camera at the crossroads of Garage Lane and Setch Road on the A10 in Setchey, near King's Lynn, in December last year.

A car dealership now stands on the site of what was the main office, next to the A10 Picture: Chris

The Garage Lane junction with the A10 at Setchey, where the controversial speed camera will be re-installed. - Credit: Chris Bishop

The camera was put there after an assessment of injury accidents at the spot which had been recorded by Norfolk police.

But, there were problems when it came to installing the camera, due to overhead cables, vegetation and underground utilities.

The local election count at the Corn Exchange in King's Lynn. Cllr Alexandra Kemp was elected to the

Norfolk county councillor Alexandra Kemp. - Credit: Ian Burt

Once it was in place, Alexandra Kemp, independent county councillor for Clenchwarton and South Lynn, raised concerns that the view of drivers pulling out of the junction on Garage Lane was blocked by the camera's pole.

The camera and pole were removed while the issue was investigated.

And a decision has now been made to re-site the camera slightly further into the verge and for overgrown vegetation to be cut back.

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That has been made by Martin Wilby, Norfolk County Council's cabinet member for highways and infrastructure, despite ongoing concerns over the camera.

Martin Wilby, chairman of the A47 Alliance at the reception at Westminster to lobby for the dualling

Martin Wilby, Norfolk County Council cabinet member for highways and transport. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2019

Ms Kemp said, if a camera were to be put in, it should be repositioned elsewhere, while Setchey Parish Council was against it being put back at that junction.

The parish council had asked for an average speed camera to be considered instead.

But the county council's highways officers said the evidence did not support it being a priority site for an average speed camera.

And they said other possible locations for the fixed camera were ruled out because the digging of trial holes showed working around utilities cables and pipes was insurmountable.

The council says, where fixed speed cameras are installed, there is an average 44pc fall in crashes where people are injured.

But Ms Kemp said: "A speed camera is not what is needed there. The real issue is that a proper junction is needed for Garage Lane."

Ms Kemp has called the issue in to be looked at by the council's scrutiny committee.

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