New school could be deal-breaker in large development near Norwich

Two new developments have been planned for 255 new homes in Brooke.Plans for new homes on High Green

Two new developments have been planned for 255 new homes in Brooke.Plans for new homes on High Green, Brooke.Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

A council's decision on a large development near Norwich hangs on the matter of whether a new school will be built along side it.

Brooke Parish Council has been trying to build a new school for the past 15 years but recently Norfolk County Council told them that funding would not be possible.

But now a development by FW Properties is proposing plans for a new primary school and housing on land to the East of Norwich Road in the village.

Brooke Parish Council chairman Edward Jinks said: 'It is a large plot of land outside of the village development line so the Parish Council will be against it immediately in principle.

'It comes at a time when we have been told by the County Council that funding for a new school, which I have been promised for the last two years, is no longer available.

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'There is a concern that we won't be getting the school that has been promised and therefore we need to think about whether there are other ways we can reignite ideas for a new school and if the development would allow that to happen, it may be of interest.

'It raises the question whether developing outside the development line would be justified because of the situation of the school.'

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Residents were informed about the new proposal after a flyer was posted by FW Properties. It is not currently known how many houses will be built but a new primary school will be built. Residents are expected to find the plans on June 7 at a consultation in Brooke Village Hall.

A meeting has been arranged at the Brooke Village Hall on June 21 where the council hopes to hear resident's thoughts.

Mr Jinks says that the village has never had to deal with a development of this size as in previous years the South Norfolk plan has only allowed developments of up to 20 houses.

He added: 'Is the school a big enough issue to bring about a different approach from the village? It may well be that the answer is no, it is not a price worth paying.

'Even if it was promised how we can ensure that it will be delivered?'

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