‘Mr Farage was very welcoming’ - Peter Collecott joins UKIP

Peter Collecott with Nigel Farage.

Peter Collecott with Nigel Farage. - Credit: Archant

A long-serving independent councillor has joined UKIP because he feels he can influence politics more by being part of a group.

Peter Collecott, independent councillor and council chairman, has decided to break his non-party political stance and join the UK Independence Party (UKIP), saying: 'I think I can influence politics more by being a member of a group.'

Peter Collecott has represented the Oulton ward on Waveney District Council the last 12 years and has always stood without any connection to a political party.

But when his name goes on the ballot for the district council elections on May 7, it will be as a UKIP candidate, because: 'I feel on a national basis, I have more in common with UKIP than other political parties.'

He added: 'I think I've come to the end of the road as an independent.

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'It gets more difficult to become elected as an independent.

'I looked around to find where I would find a good home and I found my views much more in line with UKIP than any other political party.'

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However he admitted that he is 'not a party political animal' and that he had made clear to UKIP that: 'I will always put the issues before the politics. 'I always used to have two criteria - what's in the best interests of my constituents and what's best for Waveney District Council.

'If I'm able to meet those I will vote in favour, if I can't I will vote against – and I have made it quite clear to UKIP that I will do the same.

'I'm sure it will only occur very, very rarely.' Mr Collecott travelled up to a UKIP event in Lincolnshire on Wednesday (April 8), where he shared a beer with party leader Nigel Farage.

He said Mr Farage was 'very welcoming'.

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