MP attacks UKIP councillors who failed to turn up for their count

North East Cambridgeshire MP Steve Barclay

North East Cambridgeshire MP Steve Barclay - Credit: Archant

North East Cambridgeshire MP Steve Barclay has criticised UKIP candidates who failed to turn up for their count – particularly those who were elected.

'It is remarkable to have candidates who didn't even turn up for the count when they have been elected,' he said. 'It is an insult to those who voted for them.'

Mr Barclay's comments came at the end of a bruising few hours at the Hudson Leisure Centre, Wisbech, where votes were counted for the 11 Fenland seats on Cambridgeshire County Council

Until yesterday, all 11 seats were held by the Tories. However in a remarkable shift of power, UKIP – with their hastily arranged campaign and almost woeful lack of campaign literature - collected five seats.

Mr Barclay said it would be 'lazy to assume' UKIP attracted all its support from disenchanted Tories, since Labour didn't make gains as might have been expected and neither did the Lib Dems.

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'It was a degree of people voting against all political parties,' said Mr Barclay.

He felt both the Conservatives and others would need to digest the result and consider the way forward.

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'It is not enough to say it was a protest vote- you need to look more deeply than that,' he said.

Mr Barclay, who ironically will now have a UKIP county councillor as his own elected representative, said people had shown disengagement with the political process which is a concern for all parties for maybe not addressing some of the issues.'

Mr Barclay said he had worked well with county council leader Nick Clarke and hopes whoever takes over will continue to promote Wisbech and progress the 20/20 Vision.

'I hope anyone elected will share the common purpose which is support for Wisbech 20/20 programme of regeneration and as MP I would be keen to be as inclusive as possible in that.

'I hope UKIP councillors will contribute positively to that.'

Mr Barclay added; 'When people say all politicians are the same and that it doesn't matter who you vote for and nothing changes when they see their new UKIP county councillor it will be an opportunity to judge that at first hand.'

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