Traffic disruption ahead due to problems with £600,000 road scheme

Roadworks will be returning to Eaton. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Roadworks will be returning to Eaton. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

Repair work needs to be done on a £600,000 roads scheme only completed in September last year - because of problems caused by some of the materials used.

Last year's Transport for Norwich scheme, in Eaton, saw weeks of roadworks, as a number of changes were made to area around Eaton Street.

It included the widening of a cycle path from the Cellar House pub to Newmarket Road, changes to the junction with Bluebell Road/Church Lane, pedestrian crossing changes, traffic calming, road resurfacing and a 20mph limit.

But Transport for Norwich will need to return this weekend because of problems with some of the work.

Council bosses stress they will not have to pick up the bill for the extra overnight work needed.

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The issue is around trenches which were filled in, where the foundation material used has subsided in places, making it too low.

Some of the kerbs at the crossing points are also too high, so they need to be adjusted by building up the road surface in the places affected.

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Transport for Norwich officers picked up the issues as part of its usual post-scheme auditing and monitoring…

A spokeswoman for Transport for Norwich says: 'Work taking place overnight in Eaton this Saturday is to replace material that has failed since completion of the scheme.

'The issue is to do with elements completed by a sub-contractor and is being resolved by our main contractor, Tarmac, who will redeem the cost of the work accordingly.

'We apologise for any inconvenience and will also be putting in place measures in future projects to help prevent this happening again.'

The work will start at 6pm on Saturday and should be completed by 7am the next day. The council says it aims to complete the noisiest work by 11pm on Saturday night.

During the work, four way traffic lights will be put up, in place of the permanent traffic lights, to allow construction staff to control traffic flows.

The scheme links to £300,000 of work which was done in nearby Cringleford.

The priority system over Cringleford Bridge was replaced with traffic lights, new zebra crossings put in place and a 20mph speed limit introduced.

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