More foster carers needed for Norfolk teenagers and children with disabilities

More foster carers have been urged to come forward.

More foster carers have been urged to come forward. - Credit: Getty Images/Pixland

Norfolk needs more foster carers to support teenagers, children with disabilities, groups of brothers and sisters, and young people waiting for a court appearance.

That was the message from Norfolk County Council as Fostering Fortnight got underway today.

There are more than 1,000 children in care in the county, with the majority looked after by foster carers.

One foster carer, Roni, said: 'These children have been through so much and you get to watch them blossom and come to life – that is a great feeling.

'People need to go into fostering with realistic expectations. Some of the children that you care for aren't always grateful for what you are trying to do for them because they come from very difficult circumstances.

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'They often have very little confidence, but you get to help them and see them achieve things, even if they are just small things – those are memories that stay with your for life.

'It is a challenging role but the support I have had from the council has been brilliant. I've had two supporting social workers in my time with the council and they have both been really good in giving us the help and encouragement we need.'

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Carers can come from any background but need the time, commitment and stability to provide a nurturing home, and a spare bedroom.

See or call 0344 800 8020.

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