Everything you need to know about the May 2019 local elections: Breckland edition

Two dogs at a polling station. Picture: Ian Burt

Two dogs at a polling station. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

On May 2, voters will be heading to the polls across the county, with all seats up for grabs across all seven districts of Norfolk. In the run up to election day, local democracy reporter DAVID HANNANT, previews the key issues in each of the districts. This time, it's Breckland Council.

Leader of Breckland Council William Nunn. Picture: Ian Burt

Leader of Breckland Council William Nunn. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

What is the make-up of the council?

Breckland Council is composed of 49 councillors, across 27 electoral wards. The Council is currently Conservative-led, with the Tories holding a comprehensive majority.

Going into the election the council is made up of 38 Conservaitves councillors, three councillors each for Labour, Independent and UKIP, one Unionist and one vacant seat.

With the exception of a four year spell between 1995 and 1999, in which there was no overall control, the council has been Tory-led since 1979.

Terry Jermy, Labour group leader in Breckland Pic: Labour Party.

Terry Jermy, Labour group leader in Breckland Pic: Labour Party. - Credit: Labour Party

How many seats are up for grabs?

All 49 seats are available, with Breckland being one of the councils which holds full elections every four years.

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What are the main talking points going into the election?

With the current balance of councillors so heavily in favour of the Conservatives - and having been so for so long - it is difficult to envisage the tide turning in this campaign.

Almost a third of the seats up for grabs - eight of the 27 - are straight contests between two councillors - with voters in Bedingfeld, Guiltcross, Harling and Heathlands, Hermitage, Launditch, Nar Valley, Necton all having to choose between one Tory and one Labour candidate.

The election will also see Pablo Dimoglou and Thomas Monument - both elected as Conservatives in 2015 - standing in an election as Independent candidates for the first time.

Three wards - Dereham Neatherd, Lincoln and Saham Toney - have no Labour candidates, while the Liberal Democrats have just one representative across the whole district - Mark Foley who is standing in Upper Wensum.

Who is leading each group and where are they standing?

Current council leader and Tory group leader William Nunn currently represents the Forest ward. However, this time round he is standing in the Harling and Heathlands ward.

His only competition for his seat is Labour's Liz Bernard.

Labour group leader Terry Jermy is looking to retain his seat in Thetford Burrell, in what is a stacked ballot paper. Both Labour and Conservatives are fielding two candidates with UKIP group leader Denis Crawford also standing in the ward - along with Independent Carla Barreto.

Where do I go to vote? Anything else I need to know?

The council's polling stations open from 7am to 10pm on Thursday, May 2. Voters already registered to vote will have already be receiving polling cards, but those yet to register have until Friday, April 12, to do so.

Full details of where your nearest polling station can be found on Breckland Council's website.

To register to vote visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

What if I can't get to a polling station?

Those who are unable to get to a polling station on May 2 have a range of options to still participate in the process.

You can either apply to vote either by post or by proxy via Breckland Council's website.Who are the candidates?

All Saints and Wayland

• Phil Cowen (C)

• Joseph Dickerson (L)

• Irene MacDonald (C)


• Fabian Eagle (C)

• James Gornall (L)

• Anne Rix (G)

Attleborough Burgh and Haverscroft

• Timothy Clarke (L)

• Keith Martin (C)

• Peter Panayi (L)

• Adrian Stasiak (C)

• Taila Taylor (I)

Attleborough Queens and Besthorpe

• Tristan Ashby (C)

• Tony Crouch (I)

• Vera Dale (C)

• Rhodri Oliver (C)

• Phil Spiby (L)


• Natasha Morgan (L)

• Mike Nairn (C)

Dereham Neatherd

• Linda Monument (C)

• Philip Morton (G)

• William Richmond (C)

• Alison Webb (C)

Dereham Toftwood

• Chris Bunting (L)

• Hilary Bushell (C)

• Kendra Cogman (L)

• Philip Duigan (C)

Dereham Withburga

• Amy-Jane Brooks (L)

• Harry Clarke (L)

• Kay Grey (C)

• Thomas Monument (I)


• Sam Chapman-Allen (C) • David Hodgkinson (L)

• Robert Kybird (C)


• Marion Chapman-Allen (C)

• Jim Waters (L)

Harling and Heathlands

• Liz Bernard (L)

• William Nunn (C)


• Trevor Carter (C)

• Dawn Fairbrother (L)


• Mike Hirst (L)

• Mark Kiddle-Morris (C)


• Roger Atterwill (I)

• Richard Duffield (C)

• Henry Johnson (G)

• Robert Richmond (C)


• Paul Claussen (C)

• Pablo Dimoglou (I)

• Lizzie Hunton (L)

• Ian Martin (C)

Nar Valley

• Vic Peters (L)

• Peter Wilkinson (C)


• Joe Sisto (L)

• Nigel Wilkin (C)

Saham Toney

• Timothy Birt (G)

• Helen Crane (C)

• Theresa Hewett (C)


• Linda Goreham (L)

• Paul Hewett (C)

• Lynda Turner (C)


• Ed Colman (C)

• Paul Darby (C)

• Joanna Navarre (L)

• Ian Sherwood (C)

• David Wickerson (I)

• John Zielinski (L)

The Buckenhams and Banham

• Stephen Askew (C)

• Chrissie Nebbett (L)

• Jan Prior (G)

Thetford Boudica

• Lesley Polley (C)

• Mark Robinson (C)

• Stuart Terry (L)

Thetford Burrell

• Carla Barreto (I)

• Mia Browne (C)

• Denis Crawford (UKIP)

• Chris Harvey (L)

• Terry Jermy (L)

• Jason Smith (C)

Thetford Castle

• Roy Brame (C)

• David Curzon-Berners (L)

• Jane James (C)

• Toby Stokes (L)

Thetford Priory

• G.J. Bamber (C)

• Mike Brindle (L)

• Susan Dowling (L)

• David Hills (C)

• Mark Taylor (UKIP)

Upper Wensum

• Gordon Bambridge (C)

• Bill Borrett (C)

• Mark Foley (LD)

• Jane Keidan-Cooper (G)


• Peter Bate (G)

• Claire Bowes (C)

• Keith Gilbert (I)

• Tina Kiddell (C)

• Keith Prince (L)

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