‘Like Fast and Furious’ - neighbours’ fury at city car park boy racers

Magdalen Street car park in Norwich. Picture: Archant/Google

Magdalen Street car park in Norwich. Picture: Archant/Google - Credit: Archant

People living near a city car park have said a group of 'adrenaline junkies' are making their lives hell with loud music and even louder cars.

Families living close to Magdalen car park on St Saviours Lane in Norwich said their neighbourhood was constantly disrupted by a large group of drivers who gather beneath the Magdalen Street Flyover in the evening.

Neighbours said once convened, the group then raced around the car park and surrounding streets and played loud music - sometimes into the early hours of the morning.

And now they have called on the local authorities to do more to curb the disruption, which they said was "like Fast and Furious".

Julie Ross, 62, of Blackfriars, said: "It is a nightmare. The group will generally gather around tea time and stay there throughout the evening. They have loud boom boxes and race around the car park and streets.

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"It is like they are trying to recreate Fast and Furious and it is just so loud - it makes it impossible for anybody to get to sleep, particularly my neighbour, who has children."

Dr Ross said the incidents had frequently been reported to both Norwich City Council and Norfolk Constabulary and that it was making their lives a misery.

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She added: "The only way I can think of to stop it would be to put speed bumps around the streets and barriers at the entrance to the car park. The noise sometimes goes as late as two in the morning."

Gareth Palmer, 33, also of Blackfrairs, said: "It is definitely annoying, you constantly hear the noise of revving engines and loud exhausts. I do appreciate that I live in the city centre so there will always be noise but you don't expect it to be that loud."

Grahame Lees, 81, of St Saviours Lane, said: "I really don't know what they are doing - they will arrive in the early evening and then just drive loops around the streets. It is only really loud when they go racing around the corners though.

"But from a certain point of view, when I moved in I knew I was moving near to a car park, so expected a certain level of noise from cars. It doesn't really cause me a terrible amount of nuisance."

A Norfolk Police spokesperson said: "We have received sporadic reports of anti-social behaviour involving vehicles in the Magdalen Street car park over recent months. Following a small number of calls over the weekend, officers attended and gave words of advice.

"Officers will be speaking to residents in the area over the coming weeks in order to get a clear idea of the issues and we will be working with the Roads and Armed Policing Team to identify anyone committing offences. Anyone who witnesses anti-social behaviour in the area should contact police on 101 in order for officers to respond promptly."

A spokesman for Norwich City Council said: ""The use of council car parks for nuisance night-time vehicle activity such as racing is unacceptable. This type of activity is extremely dangerous and the people responsible are putting the safety of residents and themselves at risk.

"Any concerns from local residents about noise and anti-social behaviour are taken very seriously and we will work with the Police to try and find those responsible.

"Residents are encouraged to report such activity directly to the police by calling 101 at the time of the incident for them to investigate."

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