Lottery for West Norfolk good causes given the go ahead

Leader of the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Brian Long. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Leader of the Borough Council of King's Lynn and West Norfolk Brian Long. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Plans for a new lottery to raise money for good causes in West Norfolk have been given the green light.

Councillors heard the web-based draw would raise extra funding for voluntary and community organisations.

Recommendations were made from an earlier cabinet meeting for an external lottery manager (ELM) to run the lottery, with operating costs being funded through the ticket proceeds.

Players can buy a ticket online for £1 which has a one in 50 chance of winning. In order to play, tickets must be bought in blocks to cover at least a month's draw. Tickets can also be purchased in three, six or 12 month blocks that are linked to one good cause.

At least 60pc of the ticket price will go towards good causes, 20pc to the prize fund, 17pc to the ELM and 3pc VAT.

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Players could be in with a chance of winning £25,000 if they match six numbers, or £2,000 for five, £250 for four and £25 for three.

For two matching numbers players could be awarded three extra lottery tickets.

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Council leader Brian Long said the lottery would enable organisations to raise extra funds in a time when finances are difficult.

But some of his comments at the meeting drew criticism from other councillors, who raised concerns about gambling addiction.

Mr Long said: 'If they do become addicted then local charities will do well by it.'

Councillor Charles Joyce retorted that the lottery could be detrimental, adding: 'It is those who have the least to play with who try to win the first prize, the more chances you have the more chances you have to win the first pot and that is where addiction comes in.'

But Mr Long said the lottery is unlikely to cause gambling addiction and that the website will include details of where people can get help.

He said: 'With this you have to make a conscientious decision – which of those good causes do I want to support?

'I do not want to see people addicted to gambling. There are organisations that are set up specifically to help them.'

Councillors voted for the lottery to go ahead, with two councillors voting against and one abstaining.

The lottery is due to launch next year. A similar lottery has been set up in Aylesbury, which has generated £110,000 for good causes since it's launch in 2015.

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