Listen to the Prime Minister’s EU Referendum Q&A with EDP and Evening News readers

Prime Minister David Cameron at Archant newsroom ahead of the EU referendum. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Prime Minister David Cameron at Archant newsroom ahead of the EU referendum. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

'We don't quit', our readers were told by the prime minister in an impassioned finale to a half hour exchange in Norwich.

David Cameron likened the fight to reform the European Union to the plight of the wartime leader Winston Churchill, telling an audience gathered in the Evening News offices that reform would end if we left and we would be 'pressed against the glass' trying to find out the rules.

Immigration, his renegotiation of Britain's membership and division within the Conservative Party were on the agenda for our audience members, who put their concerns to him on a torrid day for his side of the campaign.

One poll found that among those likely to vote, some 47pc backed Brexit with 40pc in favour of Remain and 13pc undecided.

While the popular tabloid, The Sun, yesterday came out in favour of Leave in the EU referendum, urging readers to free their country from 'dictatorial Brussels'.

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But the premier, who had earlier been in Suffolk visiting the Greene King brewery, said: 'I'm privileged. My office is two yards from where Winston Churchill sat in 1940 and decided to fight on to save freedom and democracy in Europe. He didn't quit on Europe then, we shouldn't quit on Europe now. That's not the country we are, we are fighters. We get out there and we win for Britain. We can win in the European Union, we can win in NATO, we can win in the United Nations. That's how we make this country great, not by pretending we can tow our island to a more convenient part of the world.'

Mr Cameron was also quizzed on the impact of Brexit on the NHS.

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He told readers they should not forget there were 50,000 EU nationals who were doctors nurses and care assistants in our NHS.

'You are more likely to see an EU national behind the counter helping you in the NHS than in front of you in the queue for the NHS,' he added.

Mr Cameron was speaking at the first of two events we are holding in the run up to polling day on June 23.

Justice secretary Michael Gove will answer questions at a Norwich location on Monday. If you would like to be considered, please email

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