Labour Euro MP Richard Howitt apologises to European Parliament for Brexit in resignation speech

Euro MP Richard Howitt apologised to the European Parliament for Britain's decision to leave the European Union as he ended a 22 year career in Brussels and Strasbourg.

The Eastern region MEP embraced colleagues as he reflected on 'historic days' of EU enlargement and conflict-resolution.

He said that his new job as chief executive of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), which links companies with society and the wider economy, would be true to his values and principles of championing business responsibility on behalf of the parliament. 'I, my party and many in my country argued for Europe and will continue to do so. We must take our responsibility for the referendum defeat and I'm sorry. Today when I leave this building, I expect that I will never come back as an MEP.

'But if my country makes the historic mistake of leaving the European Union, I look forward to the day that it will return.'

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