Jeremy Corbyn and Clive Lewis make up with man hug and a cuppa

Jeremy Corbyn and Clive Lewis at the Burston School Strike Rally 2015. Photo: Stuart Goodman

Jeremy Corbyn and Clive Lewis at the Burston School Strike Rally 2015. Photo: Stuart Goodman - Credit: Archant

Jeremy Corbyn described a last minute re-write of Norwich MP Clive Lewis' defence speech as 'perfectly normal' claiming the pair had embraced and had a cup of tea after the row.

The shadow defence secretary's speech to the party conference was overshadowed after it emerged that a senior aide to the leader had changed the autocue while the MP was on stage to leave open the possibility of a party policy change over whether to renew Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Mr Lewis had been expected to indicate that despite being a campaigner for nuclear disarmament, he was willing to stick with the official Labour Party policy to support its renewal.

Reports circulated that he had punched the wall after the change - something he later denied.

Questioned on the row today Mr Corbyn said: 'We discussed the contents of the statement with Clive Lewis before it was made and we agreed on some changes. He went on stage quite early. I suspect it happens quite a lot actually.

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'There was an agreement reached on the wording to be used and that's what was in the speech. We are under a lot of pressure of time, lots of things to do.

He told Five News: 'I had a good chat with Clive afterwards and we had a man-hug and a cup of tea and he invited me to Norwich and I'm going.

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'Changes were made and he is going to be continuing the defence review which was started by Emily, and e is going to the UN ban nuclear weapons conference in New York.'

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