Is your MP for Brexit? Three MPs from Norfolk, Suffolk and the Fens want to leave

MP Richard Bacon is a lone voice so far among Norfolk MPs in wanting the UK to leave the European Un

MP Richard Bacon is a lone voice so far among Norfolk MPs in wanting the UK to leave the European Union. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press vÉÄö

As the dust settles on the European Union referendum deal and a date of June 23 is declared, this is where our MPs stand on whether we should remain or leave.

Great Yarmouth, Brandon Lewis, Housing minister

Remain: 'I fully support the PM. With our energy industry locally investing in, with (and from) countries across the EU our partnership is hugely important to the local economy and our national interest too.'

Norwich South, Clive Lewis

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Remain: 'Europe means millions of jobs and the only feasible way of getting solutions to the big transnational issues of our time such as climate change and international terrorism. Unlike the faceless footloose cooperations that without the EU would play nations off against each other in the race to the bottom, the EU is accountable to all of us.'

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Broadland, Keith Simpson

Remain: 'I have supported the Prime Minister on his aim which is to have a reformed EU. Certainly it would take a lot to persuade me that we would be better off out. Overall in the round we have been better off in the EU than out of it in terms of our economy and across our borders. On the whole business of wider security, although it is not about defence and security, there is a bit of overlap here. I rather think if Britain were to vote for us to withdraw, I have a suspicion that Mr Putin would be rubbing his hands with glee, this would mean a serious knock.'

South Norfolk, Richard Bacon

Leave: 'I want to uphold and protect the historic rights of the people of this country to make our own laws, set our own taxes and control our own borders. It is now increasingly obvious that this cannot be done within the European Union, which has little interest in serious reform. I will therefore vote to leave'

North-West Norfolk Henry Bellingham

Leave: 'I think the Prime Minister has done in many ways a great job and made significant progress. He has been brave and courageous and determined.

'But I was looking for an emergency brake on numbers coming in to the country and while he has got this emergency brake on tax credits, it is nothing like as strong as it might have been.

'The child benefits won't kick in until 2020. I have to ask myself if this is really going to make a difference to the number of eastern Europeans coming here?'

South West Norfolk Elizabeth Truss, Environment secretary

Remain: 'I am backing remain as I believe it is in Britain's economic interest and means that we can focus on vital economic and social reform at home.'

Norwich North Chloe Smith

Remain: 'The prime minister has worked hard and got a good deal. I strongly welcome that it ends 'ever closer union' and stops welfare abuse. I am sceptical of the EU but not convinced that there is any better practical option in leaving. Therefore, on balance I'm likely to vote 'remain'. For me the principle of more jobs and trade for people in Norwich is very important. I also believe we benefit from shared crime and security mechanisms. As this is a referendum, every person's view is equally important so I urge everyone to be informed and registered to vote.'

North Norfolk Norman Lamb

Remain: 'I am frequently frustrated by the EU and will always argue the case for reform to make it more decentralised and more accountable, but when it comes to a decision about being in or out I am clear that we have to be in, making the case for reform rather than walking away.'

Mid-Norfolk George Freeman, Life sciences minister

Remain: 'The British people voted to join a common market not a political union. The reform negotiated by the prime minister on UK membership of the single market, but not political union or eurozone and curbs on migrant benefit tourism, deliver that. Given the economic risks of Brexit I believe we are better off remaining in.'

Waveney Peter Aldous

Remain: 'The settlement that the PM has secured protects the UK from further political integration and I believe that Britain will be stronger, safer and better off in a reformed EU.'

NE Cambs Stephen Barclay, Whip

Leave: 'The deal does not deliver the game changer we need to protect against further EU integration.'

Suffolk Coastal Therese Coffey, Deputy leader of the House of Commons

Remain: 'After a lot of consideration and drawing on my previous experience in business, in the EU referendum, I will be voting to remain.'

West Suffolk Matt Hancock, Cabinet office minister and paymaster general

Remain: 'The decision on whether or not to remain part of the EU is one of the biggest decisions in a generation. I am delighted that we will deliver on our clear commitment and ensure the British people can exercise their sovereignty and take that decision in a referendum on 23 June.

'The economic case for membership is clear, and further strengthened by the reforms secured in the renegotiation. The verdict for jobs and prosperity is unambiguous: Britain is better off in a reformed Europe. In a turbulent and uncertain world we should not add to those risks to our economic security with years of uncertainty.

'The renegotiation ensures Britain is no longer part of a slide towards ever closer union. Our new 'special status' means we will never join the euro, the free borders area, or be part of a European superstate, but will be able to trade freely with our biggest trading partner.

'I will campaign to remain in a reformed EU, and urge others to do the same.'

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