Iain Duncan Smith gets heckled on EU walkabout in King’s Lynn

Iain Duncan Smith visited King's Lynn, leafleting with Vote Leave canvassers. Also pictured is Jo Ru

Iain Duncan Smith visited King's Lynn, leafleting with Vote Leave canvassers. Also pictured is Jo Rust. Picture: Ian Burt

West Norfolk people - according to our own poll - are more out than in when it comes to the EU referendum.

But top Vote Leave campaigner Iain Duncan Smith got more than he bargained for when he went on walkabout in King's Lynn town centre yesterday,

Vote Remain campaigners gatecrached the party, and constantly heckled the group, which also included North West Norfolk MP Sir Henry Bellingham and Toby Coke, the UKIP leader on Norfolk County Council.

Among those not convinced by Vote Leave's argument was one woman, who did not wish to be named, who said: 'He tried to persuade me to vote out, but he did not succeed.'

Abdul Shahin, who runs the Spice Inn restaurant in London Road, Lynn, said: 'Just because some individuals want us to leave does not mean there's a reason to leave.

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'Leaving the EU would not make us a better country. The US president warned us that for trade deals Britain would be at the back of the queue, should we leave.'

David Whitwell, from Long Sutton, will vote to leave. 'There are several reasons, mainly immigration. We don't want more immigrants in Long Sutton,' he said.

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Paul Cressington, from King's Lynn, said he was not going to vote, because he did not know enough about the arguments.

He said: 'It's just an emotional vote people are making, without knowing all the facts. It's like a playground squabble.'

Mr Duncan Smith said it was a once-in-a-generation chance to leave the EU, and added: 'Who governs us is the single issue here.'

But Vote Remain campaigner Jo Rust said it was a visit he was unlikely to forget.

She said: 'He could not expect to come to Lynn and just hear one side of the story. There is a strong Remain voice here.

'Some people think that by leaving the EU, everything will go back to how it was before Britain joined in the 1970s. Our society and world has changed, and it won't go back to how it was before.'

As reported on Monday, East Anglia looks set to say no to our continued membership of the EU in tomorrow's referendum, with an EDP survey putting Brexit 13.5pc points ahead.

Do you have an extra-special reason for voting in or out? Email david.bale2@archant.co.uk

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