Heroine of the A47 calls for more action to be taken at busy junction near North Burlingham

Nearby resident Valerie Knights.

Nearby resident Valerie Knights.

A Burlingham resident, whose front door is just metres away from a busy section of the A47, is calling for drastic action to be taken after revealing she has assisted with 'well over' a hundred accidents during her time living there.

Valerie Knights's house beside the A47 at Burlingham. Photo: Bill Smith

Valerie Knights's house beside the A47 at Burlingham. Photo: Bill Smith - Credit: Bill Smith - Archant

Valerie Knights, a retired farmer's wife, is a nearby resident at the North Burlingham A47 junction with the B1140 to Beighton and said she had lost count of the number of accidents and near misses which had happened at the site.

She has lived in the area since the 1940s and over the years has made sure she was well-stocked up with supplies such as blankets, pillows and first-aid equipment.

And although the heroine's actions have not been called upon lately, she urged the government to take action now.

She said: 'Ambulances turn up quicker to accidents now, compared to ten years ago. Because of this my help is not needed so much now and it would be dangerous for me to go out onto the road.

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'I have easily assisted with well over a hundred accidents on that road. I'm amazed that there are not more accidents there. There are near misses everyday and I often hear hooting and screeching outside my house.'

Mrs Knights said she was woken up at 4.30am recently by the sound of another near miss, despite the road being quieter during that time.

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'Sometimes people get out of their cars to argue with each other too and I have even seen cars going up the road the wrong way.'

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She blamed a lot of the problems on heavy lorry traffic, especially during the months between September and March. And although she said the reduction in speed to 50mph had improved things she believed the answer was to create a large roundabout to join the junction with the South Walsham Road junction.

'At the moment there is not enough room for lorries to wait in the middle of the road to turn to Yarmouth. A roundabout would make it more clear whose right of way it was.'

Mrs Knights also said she would rather travel along the back roads, adding miles to her journey, to get to Acle safely - a decision echoed by other A47 road users.

She said: 'Living where I do you get to see the most extraordinary things.'

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