Councillors discuss one way system to solve village’s car park problem

An aerial view of Happisburgh taken in 2018. Pic: Mike Page

An aerial view of Happisburgh taken in 2018. Pic: Mike Page - Credit: Archant

Councillors have discussed how to begin the process of moving a car park before it is lost to the sea.

North Norfolk District Council has warned Happisburgh Parish Council the entrance to its Beach Road car park may become inaccessible before next summer because of coastal erosion.

As a result, the council must decide on a plan of action to roll back the car park and change how it is accessed before its entrance is lost.

On Monday, October 12, the parish council met to discuss the issue, how to involve the wider community in the decisions making process and the options before them.

David Mole, chairman of the council, said: “The car park was always designed to be rolled back. What we fear is that we’re going to lose the entrance before we lose the other bits of the car park. We’ve got to involve NNDC planning and Norfolk County Council highways.”

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He said the council identified three options for the car park, including rolling it back, moving it to the other side of the public toilets or behind the houses on Beach Road.

Councillor Denise Burke said: “From a village point of view it’s not just about the roll back it’s about opening up more car parking spaces we’ve had so many complaints of parking in the busiest months.

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“We must not just talk about it as something that’s related to coastal erosion.”

Councillor Thomas Love, proposed a fourth option of introducing a one way system in the village to help traffic to and from the carpark.

He said: “It would put a year delay on it and cost money but it would make the job cheaper.”

Both councillors Cubitt Siely and Kirsty Ritchie supported the idea of a one way system but during the public discussion members of the villager opposed the idea raising concerns about the congestion.

Sandy Dalzell said a one way system would be an “absolute nightmare”, Terry Beane raised concerns about the legality of a village led one way system while Jan Burley questioned the effect on residents trying to get and from their homes.

Councillors decided a leaflet drop to gauge public opinion would be the best way forward.

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