Strategy unveiled to tackle Yarmouth's climate fears

Erosion at Winterton.

Coastal erosion at Winterton-on-Sea, at the northern end of Great Yarmouth borough. - Credit: James Weeds

Some 68pc of people in Great Yarmouth borough consider coastal erosion to be an issue of “high concern”, a survey on climate has found. 

The poll, commissioned by Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC), found that the other climate-related high concerns were focused around water pollution (67pc), a loss of biodiversity (64pc), and pressure from new developments on unspoilt land (61pc).

GYBC said the survey's turnout of 87 people over three weeks was "low but understandable given the short duration of the survey, and the quality of the engagement was high in terms of respondents’ willingness to give detailed answers".

The survey has been used to help shape the GYBC's new sustainability strategy, approved by councillors at an environment committee meeting on Wednesday.

Under the strategy, GYBC has committed as an organisation to produce net zero carbon emissions by 2035.

The Town Hall in Great Yarmouth on January 17, 2022.

The borough council's headquarters at GYBC - Credit: Sonya Duncan

The authority will also aim to influence businesses to reduce their own emissions, along with a renewed focus on measures like tree-planting and improving the sustainability of its council housing stock. 

Other objectives include increasing the opportunities for people to make environmentally-friendly travel choices and working to improve the water quality of the borough’s rivers and coast.