General Election 2017: Full list of the candidates in Norfolk and Waveney - and why you should vote for them

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday. Here, the general election candidates in Norfolk and Wavene

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday. Here, the general election candidates in Norfolk and Waveney say why you should vote for them. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

We asked the general election candidates in Norfolk and Waveney to tell us why you should vote for them today. We also invited them to submit videos outlining their three priorities. This is what they said:

General election candidates for Broadland (L-R): Andrew Boswell (Green Party),David Moreland (UKIP),

General election candidates for Broadland (L-R): Andrew Boswell (Green Party),David Moreland (UKIP), Steve Riley (Liberal Democrat), Iain Simpson (Labour) and Keith Simpson (Conservative) - Credit: Archant


Andrew Boswell (Green)

General election candidates for Great Yarmouth (L-R): Catherine Blaiklock (UKIP), James Joyce (Liber

General election candidates for Great Yarmouth (L-R): Catherine Blaiklock (UKIP), James Joyce (Liberal Democrats), Brandon Lewis (Conservative), Mike Smith-Clare (Labour) and Harry Webb (Green Party). - Credit: Archant

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'Broadland people, I meet, know this election goes much wider than who negotiates Brexit with the EU, and how they do it. It is about what sort of country we want.

'I am giving people the chance to vote for a very different vision from the government and the current MP.

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'They are prioritising wealth making for a few, reversing progress made on tackling climate change, and allowing growth and development to ruin the special nature of our county.

'The worst inequality in a century is already pushing people to the edge. I will campaign for a future for our young people, not this continuing social catastrophe.

Mid Norfolk candidates: George Freeman, Conservatives, Tracy Knowles, UKIP, Hannah Lester, Green Par

Mid Norfolk candidates: George Freeman, Conservatives, Tracy Knowles, UKIP, Hannah Lester, Green Party, Sarah Simpson, Labour Party and Fionna Tod, Liberal Democrat. Photo: Courtesy of Conservative Party, Tracy Knowles, Hannah Lester, Labour Party and Fionna Tod - Credit: Courtesy of Conservative Party, Tracy Knowles, Hannah Lester, Labour Party and Fionna Tod

'I would prioritise properly funded care for our elderly, take profiteering of out the NHS, our Rail system and education. 'No cosying up to Donald Trump either. As a Green MP, I would seek to rebuild the UK's leadership on climate change, and avoid getting drawn into foreign conflicts.

'On Brexit, I would argue for negotiations which protect the rights of EU and UK citizens, and maintains good economic ties with European nations. 'I have worked for many years opposing destructive development in Broadland, and slowing down urban sprawl around Norwich creeping towards the pristine natural environments of the Broads, Yare and Wensum valleys.

'I strongly oppose extending the NDR across the River Wensum. I will work instead for a world-class public transport system with safe, less congested roads.

'I look forward to representing you in Westminster if you vote for me.'

Conservative candidate James Wild and North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb. Picture: Ally McGilvray

Conservative candidate James Wild and North Norfolk MP Norman Lamb. Picture: Ally McGilvray - Credit: Archant

David Moreland (UKIP)

'I am proud to have served my country as an infantry soldier and a Scotland Yard CID officer, as well as the joy of living in Broadland for 12 years.

'The political elite in this country do not listen to the people and their real needs and desires, I would promote the interests of Broadland 100pc.

General election candidates for North West Norfolk (L-R): Henry Bellingham (Conservative), Rupert Mo

General election candidates for North West Norfolk (L-R): Henry Bellingham (Conservative), Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrats), Jo Rust (Labour), Michael Stone (UKIP) and Michael de Whalley (Green Party). - Credit: Archant

The government are unlikely to follow your Brexit dreams, fishing grounds, immigration control and UK Sovereignty will barely change, I will fight to save our country.

'Plans set by government starving councils of cash for social care of the elderly, and their desire to take a large percentage of the value of your home when you pass away, because you had NHS care, that you have paid for all your working life, this disgrace and must be stopped.

'Uncontrolled migration into the UK is inundated with criminals pretending to be downtrodden innocents, whilst plotting with other radicals to murder our families and children, our politicians have failed to do anywhere near enough to stop this.

'Enough is enough, I and my party will stop these evil issues.

General election candidates for Norwich North (L-R): Adrian Holmes (Green), Chloe Smith (Conservativ

General election candidates for Norwich North (L-R): Adrian Holmes (Green), Chloe Smith (Conservative), Chris Jones (Labour) and Hugh Lanham (Liberal Democrat) - Credit: Archant

'I am genuinely close to the people of Broadland, fully understanding their fears and needs, as your MP I pledge to make sure that government decisions that affect you are well publicised and not hidden away to suit them and not you.

'Please support me and vote for UKIP.'

Iain Simpson (Labour)

General election candidates from Norwich South (L-R): Richard Bearman (Green), Lana Hempsall (Conser

General election candidates from Norwich South (L-R): Richard Bearman (Green), Lana Hempsall (Conservative), Clive Lewis (Labour) and James Wright (Liberal Democrat). Photo: Archant - Credit: Archant

'I'm Iain Simpson, and I'm Labour's parliamentary candidate for Broadland. I grew up in Brundall, a village in the heart of this constituency. For too long we've been neglected, and our community hasn't had the investment it needs.

'The NHS is in crisis, with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital facing a £25m deficit this year. Tory plans to cut pensions mean thousands in Broadland won't be able to afford the retirement they deserve. Many villages have just a few buses a day, and roads are full of potholes.

'I've got five key promises for Broadland.

'I'll stand up for pensions, protecting the triple lock so that everyone can enjoy the retirement they've worked hard for. 'I'll fix the Tory crisis in the NHS, ensuring the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and local doctors' surgeries are properly funded.

General election candidates for South West Norfolk (L-R): Stephen Gordon (Liberal Democrats), Peter

General election candidates for South West Norfolk (L-R): Stephen Gordon (Liberal Democrats), Peter Smith (Labour), Elizabeth Truss (Conservative) and David Williams (UKIP) - Credit: Archant

'I'll improve rural bus services, making it easier for people to get to work and the shops.

'I'll get potholes fixed, many roads here need urgent repair.

'And I'll make sure we have a Brexit that works for Broadland. Farms support thousands of jobs, its vital that both farm subsidies and workers' rights are protected after we leave the EU.

'If you have any questions you can email on or find me on twitter @IainSimpson. Broadland is an amazing place and it needs someone who'll stand up for it. So please do vote for me and Labour on June 8.

General election candidates for Waveney (L-R): Peter Aldous (Conservative), Sonia Barker (Labour), E

General election candidates for Waveney (L-R): Peter Aldous (Conservative), Sonia Barker (Labour), Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw (Green Party), Jackie Howe (Liberal Democrats), Bert Poole (UKIP) - Credit: Archant

Keith Simpson (Conservative) 'This is a crucial election for our Broadland Constituency and our country.

'The next Parliament will be dominated by the Brexit negotiations and if I am elected as the Broadland MP I will want to argue the best case for our constituency.

'I will work to bring together all those who voted both to leave and remain in the EU. It is no good suggesting a second referendum; last June the majority voted to leave and we must now carry out that political decision.

'I have been lucky enough to be the Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk and then Broadland since 1997. I am a Norfolk man and I live in the constituency.

'I know from all my constituency correspondence and talking with people locally that their concerns centre upon strengthening the local economy and maintaining high employment, particularly for young people.

'Looking after our senior citizens has always been one of my priorities and I intend to work closely with ministers and local government to make sure that care for the elderly is a priority and properly funded. Nearly a quarter of our electorate are pensioners.

'Your MPs lobbied to see that the final stretch of the A11 north of Thetford was finally dualled and I will continue to work hard to make sure that the Government's promise to begin dualling the A47 in our constituency is started.

'We live and work in a lovely part of Norfolk and I would love to continue representing you in Parliament.'

Steve Riley (Liberal Democrat)

'I am proud to live in the Broadland constituency where I am married with three children: two daughters at university and a son of primary school age.

'I am an elected Broadland District Councillor and have chaired the overview and scrutiny committee, overseeing the work of the council and holding it to account.

'I am known for my hard work and integrity in taking up cases for residents, and for my campaigning work in supporting communities within Broadland.

'I am self-employed having previously been the managing director of a manufacturing business. I was also a key industrial negotiator with parliamentary experience, liaising with MPs and helping to coordinate campaigns for parliamentary consideration.

'I have campaigned and worked on key issues both locally and nationally, including: equal opportunities, anti-discrimination policy and law, employment rights, industrial and economic policy, housing and planning matters. 'Throughout my life I have supported and achieved results for people and have always put people before party politics.

The voters of Broadland deserve a hard working, full time MP who will put the constituency of Broadland first, both locally and at Westminster.

'If elected, I will work to bring better economic development to Broadland as well as campaigning for improved vital local health services, elderly care services, funding for front line police and better pensions, and supporting our schools and teachers in seeking a better financial deal for the children of Broadland.

'It's time for change in Broadland and I am seeking your support so we can make that change together.

Great Yarmouth

Catherine Blaiklock (UKIP)

'I came to Happisburgh in Norfolk when I was three months old. My father came for the oil industry and worked for Racal Decca on South Denes.

'I spent a lot of my childhood on the beach by the old power station. My grandparents lived in Lingwood and I have been here since 1963.

'I subsequently had severe bulimia and was put into government care. I attended The Hewett School in Norwich and became the first person ever to get a scholarship to Christ Church Oxford from government care.

'I studied geography and climatology and it was these studies that made me a climate change sceptic.

'I got a Commonwealth scholarship to India and worked all over the world in finance as a trader including in Tokyo, New York, Switzerland and Singapore.

'I married a Nepalese Sherpa from the Himalayas and had two children.

'I returned to Norfolk in 1999 and have been here ever since. I subsequently married a Jamaican. Run a number of small businesses in the holiday sectors in Norfolk. I understand the problems of small business only too well, especially as a women.

'I have worked in Nepal. Organised a major relief operation during the Nepal earthquake including the James Paget surgical team and raised over £100,000 in a week.

'My experiences in Ethiopia, Nepal and elsewhere have also led me to believe disaster relief works and small scale charity initiatives can sometimes work, but foreign aid does not.

'It is my experiences in different countries and with different ethnicities that has made me believe mass immigration will destroy our culture and our country.'

James Joyce (Liberal Democrats) 'I am married with two daughters and one grandson. I was the sub-postmaster in the Norfolk village where I live for 15 years until it shut last year.

'I am a former County Councillor, District Councillor and Police Authority member. At county hall I was both cabinet and lead member for children's services, clearing up the mess left behind by the previous Conservative administration.

'While I was in charge, Norfolk's schools rose to the top half of the national league tables in terms of achievement compared to languishing at the bottom, where they had been for many years.

'When I was on the Police Authority I was the member responsible for the introduction of Safer Neighbourhoods and PCSOs and believe that the reasons for their introduction 10 years ago are even more valid now.

'Funding must be put back into them. I passionately believe that our national services: education, police, social and health, should be properly funded and not living hand-to-mouth as they are at the moment.'

Brandon Lewis (Conservative)

General election candidates for South Norfolk (L-R): Richard Bacon (Conservatives), Chris Brown (Li

General election candidates for South Norfolk (L-R): Richard Bacon (Conservatives), Chris Brown (Liberal Democrats), Danielle Glavin (Labour) and Catherine Rowett (Green Party). - Credit: Archant

'During this election campaign, I have set out why Theresa May and a Conservative Government will make a difference to the residents of Great Yarmouth and focussed on the key local issues:

'A focus on jobs - working with employers to encourage local apprenticeships and hosting a regular jobs' fair, I will continue to find ways to create more good quality jobs providing all-year-round employment.

'A focus on investment- as a government minister, I've helped secure massive investment for our area, including extra funding for infrastructure projects like safety improvement works on the A47 and a third river crossing.

'A focus on a secure economy - as a Member of Parliament I've supported measures that help hard-working families, such as the freeze on petrol tax and increases in tax free allowances.

'A focus on keeping communities safe – having responsibility for our fire and police services I am at the forefront of making sure they are properly resourced and responding to changing needs in an uncertain world.

'A focus on Britain- we need to focus on securing the best deal for Great Yarmouth and Britain during the Brexit negotiations. We can only ensure this by electing a strong and effective MP, who will stand with Theresa May for the best Brexit deal.

'Great Yarmouth needs a Member of Parliament, with experience and access at the highest levels of government and who is focussed on fighting for our local interests in Westminster.'

Mike Smith-Clare (Labour)

'As someone who lives and works across Great Yarmouth, I want to help make our community safe, prosperous and equal. I want schools we can be proud of, employment that is local and sustainable and a health service that is properly funded and accessible.

'We live in a community where seasonal unemployment, low pay and Universal Credit have wrecked lives.

'It isn't right that in 21st century Britain more people are becoming homeless or relying on food banks and soup kitchens for basic support.

'I will put Great Yarmouth first, not a political career. My passion is our community, I will put our borough first, people above politics.

'I will work for a Brexit that works for the many, not the few. The people have spoken, I will support a Brexit that protects British jobs and British workers.

'I will fight for good jobs and a decent Living Wage.

'I will fight to deliver on Labour's local priority of dualling the A47 Acle Straight. I will work tirelessly to encourage the building of new, good quality social and affordable homes.

'A Labour government will deliver a million more homes, 10,000 more police officers, more doctors and nurses and social care that is fit for our ageing population.

'We have an opportunity on June 8 to make a change. As a community, we can reject the failed policies of an ineffectual and disorganised Tory government.

'Its time for change, join me and vote Labour.'

Harry Webb (Green) 'My name is Harry Webb, I am 23 years old and my occupation is in the health and social sector where I work as care manager, primarily helping individuals suffering from dementia. I have lived in the Great Yarmouth area my whole life and currently reside in the village of Caister-on-Sea.

'I have been heavily involved in charity and community work from a young age; working with projects such as the Norfolk Youth Fund, Community Connections and in more recent years I have served as a Parish Councillor in the village of Caister.

'I am passionate about our town and I am determined that it is only through community engagement with both the young and the old that we can create a thriving and prosperous society here in Great Yarmouth.

'However this is not something we can work towards under a climate of cuts to social services, cuts to the NHS, no investment in community infrastructure and little support for new local businesses. As the youngest candidate I provide a fresh approach to solving the issues in our town; we need a community based individual like myself to tackle the very local and unique problems facing Great Yarmouth.'

Mid Norfolk

George Freeman (Conservative)

'This election is about giving Theresa May a mandate to negotiate a deal with the EU that works for us ALL.

'The British people voted last year, by 52pc to 48pc, to leave the EU.

'I believe we must respect the sovereignty of that decision and negotiate a new relationship as a free trade neighbour and partner of our European allies.

'Jeremy Corbyn is a longstanding socialist who has promised everybody more money to win votes. But, if Jeremy Corbyn became Prime Minister, we would actually see an economic crisis of confidence and disinvestment, LESS money for the NHS and schools, and EU leaders rubbing their hands with glee to punish the UK with a huge bill and terms of Brexit designed to try and drive us back into the EU.

'Plus, as a longstanding apologist for the IRA and opponent of our Armed Forces and our monarchy, he simply isn't capable of leading the country or being put in charge of our domestic and global security.

'By contrast, Theresa May hasn't ducked the issues. She has set out honestly the real challenges we face and put forward a realistic route back to prosperity.

'As the MP for Mid Norfolk, I am committed to fighting for our frontline public services, our local economy, fair tax and a sensible free trade deal with our European allies.

'There is no shortcut to getting this country back on its feet. On June 8th it's a choice between Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn for prime minister. As the EU Referendum, US and French elections have showed, we live in volatile times.

'If you want to wake up on June 9 with Theresa May as prime minister, you need to vote for her.'

Tracy Knowles (UKIP)

'I am Tracy Knowles, your Mid Norfolk UKIP candidate. I would very much like to cover the entire UKIP fully costed and independently verified manifesto today, however, for brevity I will simply make three key points.

'Firstly, I am the only true Brexit candidate. The Conservative candidate campaigned strongly to remain.

'Secondly, UKIP supports old and young alike, I think it is abhorrent to pitch one group against the other to get votes. Our pensioners are not a surprise, their social care needs should not be a surprise. Many have paid tax and national insurance for 40 years, we should not now subject those that have saved and accumulated some assets to a death tax.

'Previous governments have failed to plan ahead and make provisions past the next election.

'Then last but by no means least, UKIP is the only party that really cares about immigration and will ensure that numbers reduce. The other parties either support mass migration or have targets without dates, which are meaningless.

'If you want Brexit, support compassionate quality care for our elderly and want action on immigration, you must vote for change and vote UKIP.'

Hannah Lester (Green)

'I am standing in this election to offer a voice of hope on the ballot paper this June.

'The Green Party are the only party that are standing up for what matters when every other government in my lifetime has let me down. 'I was part of the first cohort to pay £9,000 a year in tuition fees, the prospect of owning my own home seems like wishful thinking and the idea that the NHS might not exist for the whole of my lifetime is sadly a real possibility.

'I have lived in Norfolk for almost my entire life and so I feel I have a strong understanding of the needs of the people in towns and villages like Dereham, Wymondham and Watton which make up the Mid Norfolk Constituency.

'If elected, I would work to provide much more investment in public transport, which currently offers no incentive not to just get in the car. People need to be able to access all of the towns and villages of Norfolk quickly, easily and cheaply.

'Green Party elected representatives in Norfolk and indeed across the UK have a proud record of opposing cuts to these services. We understand how they are ruining people's lives. 'As a trainee solicitor I see first hand how cuts to people's benefits or disability allowances, housing provision are destroying people's lives. 'In me the people of Mid Norfolk would have a strong independent voice looking to improve the status quo by offering a positive alternative vision for our communities.'

Sarah Simpson (Labour)

'I'm an engineer, working in the transport sector, and in my work I get to speak to the public, business owners, farmers, and town and parish councils, about the problems they are experiencing.

'Everywhere I go people are saying the same thing: our infrastructure isn't working.

'It's become worryingly normal to have to wait two or three weeks to see a doctor as surgeries are chronically over-subscribed. Social care services in many areas are a mess, with people being let down because care isn't joined up from hospital to home.

'Traffic has become a major headache for anyone living or running a business in a town or larger village and, in parts of Mid Norfolk, our domestic sewerage is failing. It's 2017. Our infrastructure should not be this bad.

'If the nuts and bolts of our society aren't working now, we cannot reasonably expect to leave the EU on the best footing. Getting a result from Brexit which strengthens Mid Norfolk's economy, retains jobs, and maintains access for the £13bn of exports from our region to the EU each year is critical. But not at the expense of our living conditions and quality of life.

'Labour recognises that life has become less easy, more uncertain, and more expensive for the vast majority of people. If we form the next government we will improve the way our country works for everyone.

'Whether it's improving the transport system, making development work for local communities, sorting out the NHS, or helping our small businesses, we will work for the many, not just a privileged few.'

Fionna Tod (Liberal Democrats)

'I am standing to be the Member of Parliament for Mid Norfolk because I care passionately about representing our local community. I grew up in East Anglia, and will be a strong voice in parliament for my constituency and the region.

'Of course, Members of Parliament are by their nature party political, but at its core, the job of MP for Mid Norfolk is to make sure that my constituency gets the services and funding it needs.

'Over the past month, I have communicated with thousands of voters across Mid Norfolk, asking them what they see as the priority issues in the constituency. I have heard about the impact of the rising cost of living, about the impossibility of travelling just a few miles by public transport, about schools and health centres which are overburdened, and about threats to our beautiful countryside.

'As your MP I will make sure your concerns are not taken for granted by the next government.

'At a national level, Brexit will dominate the agenda in the next parliament. As a policy adviser on Brexit and foreign affairs, I understand the challenges of getting a Brexit deal that will support our local economy in Mid-Norfolk, protecting our farms and our jobs.

'And I, along with other Liberal Democrats, will fight to ensure that the Brexit deal is not a political stitch-up behind closed doors, and that the British people get the final say through a democratic vote.'

North Norfolk

Stephen Burke (Labour) 'Politics is all about priorities. Labour's priorities are clear: we are for the many not the few. That's why we pledge not to raise taxes for the 95pc on low and middle incomes and why we will invest in public services everyone uses, like the NHS, education, trains and care and support for older and disabled people.

'The wealthiest individuals and corporations will fund better services, and Labour will protect the triple lock on pensions and the winter fuel allowance.

'In North Norfolk my priorities are to invest in coastal defences and protect our communities; to ensure universal mobile and broadband coverage and create jobs for young people in green, hi tech business; and to make North Norfolk the best place to grow older. 'That means better health and care services closer to home, together with more opportunities for older people to be involved in their community and better transport to get out and about.

'I love North Norfolk. I live and work here, actively improving health, housing and care for older people. 'In North Norfolk, the local Labour Party's campaigns have set the agenda on ambulances, hospital parking charges, train services, and mobile and broadband coverage. 'We are a rich country and we need an MP who will fight for a fair share of investment to improve North Norfolk's infrastructure and services.

'That's what I will do as the only candidate who lives in North Norfolk, as you will see on your ballot paper. I am on your side.'

Norman Lamb (Liberal Democrat)

'For the last 16 years, I have been working hard for local people in North Norfolk.

'As your MP, I have fought for better local health services, defended school budgets, and taken up over 100,000 cases to help local residents with important issues.

'If re-elected, I will keep campaigning for an additional penny on income tax to raise an extra £6bn for our under-funded NHS and social care.

'I want an NHS we can be proud of, equal access to treatment for people with mental ill health, and dignified care in old age.

'I strongly oppose the Conservatives' plans to charge older people much more for care at home, and am urging the Government to implement the cap on care costs I introduced as health minister.

'Brexit is at the front of many people's minds in this election, and my position is clear. Although I voted to Remain, I am a democrat and I accept the outcome of the referendum. 'Now that the people have voted to leave the EU, I will fight to make sure North Norfolk gets the best possible deal from negotiations – for local businesses, jobs, and public services.

'The Conservatives are set to win a comfortable majority nationally – but we cannot have a One Party State, or people will be taken for granted. We need a strong alternative voice in negotiations.

'I hope you will support me on June 8, and vote to keep an MP who has shown a commitment and dedication to this community.'

James Wild (Conservative)

'I grew up in North Norfolk and I want to make it a better place to work and live. I will bring my energy and commitment to be a strong voice for this area – a good local MP.

'I am offering more than that. As part of Theresa May's team, I will get a better deal for North Norfolk and tackle long-running issues holding this area back.

'In the three weeks of this campaign I've had the Coastal Protection Minister in Bacton talking about protecting our coastline, the Digital Minister in Mundesley talking about improving mobile coverage and broadband, the Police and Crime Commissioner in North Walsham, and the International Trade Secretary talking exports in Cromer.

'I'm the only candidate here who voted for Brexit and is backing Theresa May's plan to get the best deal for Brexit. We've had the vote – now we need to deliver it.

'Norman Lamb voted to Remain. He failed to vote on triggering Article 50 – you can't sit on the fence when there has been a decisive majority. Now he wants a second referendum. 60pc of people here who, like me, voted to leave and we need to get on to deliver the best deal – not have the uncertainty of a second referendum.

'The negotiations start 11 days after the election. It will either be Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn. That's the choice.

'Electing a Conservative MP will ensure Norfolk North benefits from the PM's plan for a stronger, fairer, more prosperous future.'

North West Norfolk

Henry Bellingham (Conservative)

'I am keen to reiterate five vital points:

'The Brexit Negotiations: these are going to be incredibly tough, and it is obvious the EU are hardening their stance by making unreasonable demands.

'This is why it is essential that we have a strong prime minister with an emphatic electoral mandate.

'As someone who voted Leave, I am passionate about getting a deal that works for the whole country.

'This is why I am appealing to former UKIP voters to come across to us, and for Labour supporters who voted Leave to now lend us their vote.

'A strong and stable leadership: In an increasingly troubled and dangerous world, Theresa May has proved herself to be strong and statesmanlike. the alternative would be a Jeremy Corbyn/Nicola Sturgeon led 'Coalition of Chaos'

'A strong and thriving economy: In West Norfolk many of our businesses are expanding and creating quality jobs. Please do not put this hard won success at risk by electing a Corbyn Government who would penalise business and enterprise.

'Funding public services, pensions and skills: without a strong economy there is never going to be the tax revenue to fund these key services.

'This is why we have been able to commit to protecting expenditure on the NHS, the schools budget, pensions and skills.

'Your local champion: I have had the honour to serve as your local MP for almost exactly 30 years – if re-elected I will continue to do what I have always done in the past and that is represent everyone regardless of party politics.'

Michael de Whalley (Green)

'I am a self-employed IT consultant and have lived in north west Norfolk for most of my life.

'In 2003 I served in the Iraq war with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force and I'm an Open University graduate.

'I started the successful KLWIN anti-incinerator campaign and championed local democracy when the public vote against the incinerator was ignored.

'Years of hands-on campaigning have given me a valuable insight into the workings of politics, good and bad.

'I am a founder committee member of the Lynnsport Area Residents' Association and chair of the Gaywood Valley Conservation Group.

'I am still working to ensure Norfolk's waste issues are resolved in a socially acceptable and sustainable manner.

'I am campaigning in this election to highlight the urgent action required to address Climate Change and its consequences; especially concerning global political destabilisation, the displacement of people, and devastating impact on nature.

'He is pressing for the UK to move more rapidly towards a resource efficient and sustainable economy so that we can improve living standards.

'Michael wants to protect the NHS from fragmentation and creeping privatisation. He supports much greater investment in public transport, cycle routes and footpaths.

'Michael wishes to continue his work with the local community to empower residents and ensure that together a better and fairer society is created.'

Rupert Moss-Eccardt (Liberal Democrat)

'I am a proven local campaigner who will strive for the people of West Norfolk to get a fair deal from Borough and County Councils and from Westminster, and to enable communities to thrive as open and tolerant places to live, work or visit.

'I will campaign to protect and improve local services and amenities, especially those relied upon by the most vulnerable in the community.

'A vote for me is a vote against a hard Brexit and a vote for investment in health and social care and for environmental sustainability. Vote Liberal Democrat to change Britain's future.'

Jo Rust (Labour)

'I'm proud to stand as the candidate for the Labour Party. As a local woman I see how the lives of people I live and work among are being hit by Conservative cuts.

'Our QEH is seeing staff transferred to private sector companies and services moved to Norwich but still facing a massive debt due to the health and social care act, voted for by the current MP.

'A vote for me would be a vote for change. AND a vote for me is a vote for a local candidate, passionately committed to this area, because it's MY area.

'I've lived in Norfolk all my life. I went to school here and my girls were born at the QEH. I used local childcare, I catch local buses and I use local services, the same local services that you do.

'This means I have a vested interest in making sure I get it right for the place we live in.

'If elected as MP I'll lobby for investment, to get the funding we need to improve the roads, buses and trains. If you elect me I'll take your voice to Westminster, so you don't have to take your kids to Norwich for treatment you used to get locally.

'If you want change; if you want to secure the future of local services; if you want to feel represented and not resigned to more of the same; if you want a real, local person standing up for you in Parliament, vote for me.'

Michael Stone (UKIP)

'I am very angry with the state of politics in this country at the moment. No party seems to care about US the people.

'Cuts are being made both nationally and locally, without any consideration for the affect it has.

'The only budget our prime minister has guaranteed not to cut is the foreign aid budget currently running at over £1bn per month. 'This is 20pc more than Germany and twice as much France and Japan pays. David Cameron has already said a big Conservative victory will mean a soft Brexit.

'There is no such thing as soft Brexit; we are either in or out. Soft Brexit means continued open door migration, making a contribution to the EU and no return of our fishing waters, which would bring so much prosperity to Kings Lynn.

'UKIP is the only party that want to the people of this country first.'

Norwich North

Adrian Holmes (Green)

'I am Adrian Holmes, former city councillor and I'm standing for the Green Party in Norwich North. I grew up in Norfolk and went to local state schools before graduating as a geophysicist.

'We are facing a crisis that will affect the future of everybody in the UK and the rest of the world. We have to tackle global warming now for the sake of future generations.

'We can't do that without a more inclusive, fairer society, where everybody has a decent standard of living and access to free public healthcare and education.

'As a parent, I understand the problems young people are facing today, whether in finding work or continuing their education. 'Equally, I understand the challenges facing carers having to take time off work to look after elderly or infirm relatives. We need a financial safety net that supports all of us, whatever we do.

'The Green Party is unique in supporting the introduction of a basic income for all. The government would pay every citizen a small amount of money to provide that safety net.

'With a basic income we could eradicate poverty in this country overnight. Parts of Norwich North have child poverty levels of over 40pc and I find this wholly unacceptable.

'We need a radical alternative to the status quo politics of other parties, to fight inequality and poverty. If you want to elect a real alternative voice to the mainstream, please vote for me on June 8.'

Chris Jones (Labour)

'For the last 30 years I've been an NHS doctor in mental health.

'I've seen at first hand the damage done to our public services by this government, and that's why I'm standing in this election: for me it's not enough to give individual patients the best treatment, we also need to treat the underlying policies that are destroying people's lives.

'That means investing more in health, education and social care, but it also means tackling the growing inequality in our society. Too many people are being left behind while those at the top only look after themselves.

'Working families who see their real income falling, young people denied an opportunity to get on the housing ladder, older people facing insecurity and uncertainty in old age are all being failed by the politics of austerity and selfishness.

'I believe that we can do better, and that we will all benefit from a society that works for everyone and that is built on cooperation and mutual support not on competition.

'Those principles underpin the NHS, they have been the basis of my career as a doctor, and they are the values that I want to take forward into politics.

'We will never have a country that's good for any of us to live in until we have a country that is good for everyone - that's why the Labour Party stands for the many not the few, a society where no-one is left behind, and why I am asking for your support on June 8.'

Hugh Lanham (Liberal Democrat)

'I live with my wife near Fakenham where we run a smallholding producing our own food from the house we built ourselves. I enjoy singing, playing the flute and woodturning.

'I am a chartered accountant and set up my practice near Cambridge. This experience has given me insight into a range of businesses, charities and other organisations and I have specialised in social housing and financial services.

'Inequality has been allowed to increase greatly over the past few decades and I believe that the Brexit vote was, in great part, a symptom of the discontent this has brought.

'I see real fear and uncertainty in people affected by Brexit: those working in other countries, those selling their goods and services throughout the Union and those whose prospects will be ripped from them by an unknown future.

'I also see real costs for all of us from the devaluation of the pound and from inflation that will erode people's savings and spending power.

'The futures of local EU citizens working in the NHS, care and agricultural sectors remain insecure. Many have left the UK or are planning to return home, taking their skills with them. The effect of them leaving, particularly on our hospitals, will be significant.

'I am angry that this Conservative government does not take climate change seriously. The threat to our communities and natural environment around the world is real and profound. We need investment in renewables that will make us a world leader in green energy and create jobs and growth, and an end to the Conservatives' cuts to solar and wind power.'

Liam Matthews (Pirate Party UK)

No words provided

Chloe Smith (Conservative) 'I work hard for everyone in the constituency. Over eight years, I've helped thousands of people.

'I get major results for the city, such as when I've directly helped hundreds of young people into work, and when I've secured millions of pounds of investment in our transport links so that more jobs come to Norwich in the future.

'You can rely on me again to work for more jobs, more homes and better transport. I want good schools and I support our NHS. I want north Norwich to stay a great place to live, work, bring up a family or retire.

'I will continue to speak up in Parliament for Norwich North — for the best Brexit deal and many other important issues.

'In fact, I'm the only candidate in Norwich North who will work positively for a good Brexit deal because I care about a better future for ordinary working people here.

'This election is about strong, stable leadership. Only Theresa May can get the best Brexit deal for Britain, which will secure a better future for all of us in north Norwich too. Every vote cast for the Conservatives will strengthen Britain's hand in the hard negotiations ahead, so I urge people to come together and get behind the best chance for Britain and Norwich.

'With your vote at this election, you can have a hard-working community MP and the strong leadership that will actually deliver for you and a fairer, more prosperous Britain.'

Norwich South

Richard Bearman (Green)

No words provided

Lana Hempsall (Conservative)

'I first became politically active in 2007 when I became a parish councillor; in 2011, I was elected to Broadland on the toss of a coin.

'Winning an election in this way taught me that elected office is a precious gift of trust that requires 100% commitment. And this is what I pledge to Norwich South - 100pc commitment.

'Soon after being elected, I tackled a persistent anti-social behaviour problem that was dividing our community and co-ordinated the re-building of a tired play area and a brand new skate-park.

'I also led on an economic masterplan - to combat effects of the recession locally - and a neighbourhood plan, which is in place so that all development in the area is community-led.

'Getting the job done is a team effort, and I want to work as part of the wider Norfolk team to get results for Norwich South.

'I'm registered blind and depend almost completely on public transport. It's incredible how different your perspective is when you can't drive, and this is something I share not just with other disabled people, but with the elderly and young.

'My promise to Norwich South is that I will: be the most hard working, local MP you could ever wish for; stand up for our NHS; help drive up standards in our schools; ensure that Norwich South gets the best deal out of Brexit; prove to you that the Conservative Party is a party that works for everyone and not just the privileged few.'

Clive Lewis (Labour) 'In Norwich South your choice on June 8 is stark. You'll either get a Labour MP with a track record of putting Norwich first and whose party has the policies to improve our city.

'Or you'll end up with a Tory who doesn't even live in Norwich and, if they win the election, will just rubber stamp whatever decisions get handed down by Theresa May in London.

'UKIP have stood down here to help the Tories. Recent local polling analysis shows it's now neck and neck here between Labour and the Tories with the other parties trailing. It's clear here - voting Lib Dem or Green will help the Tories.

'I've lived in Norwich since 2001 so I know we're a city that's proud of doing things differently. While Norfolk is a sea of blue, there's not a single Tory councillor in the city.

'But above all, we're united by our sense of fairness and truly value our public services - from our NHS through our fantastic local police and fire service to the hundreds of wonderful staff who care for our city's older people.

'As your MP I've taken action for Norwich on all of these issues and many more.

'People in this city are fed up with career politicians seemingly only in it for themselves. I've lived in the real world is and will never forget where I came from.

'My first job was in a food factory, I was the first in my family to go to university and I've served in combat with the British Army. And because I know that so many in our city are working hard and struggling to make ends meet, I am donating almost all of the whopping MP 10pc pay rise to local charities (keeping only the 1pc that other public servants get.)

'Please support me at the General Election so I can do even more to stand up for Norwich.'

James Wright (Liberal Democrat)

'Born in Norwich, I am passionate about our city and am up for the challenge of representing my friends, neighbours and colleagues in Parliament.

'As a city councillor for the last seven years, I know just how much potential there is in Norwich, and with the right person in Westminster speaking up for our city this can be realised and have 3 main priorities for our city.

'The first is ensuring that schools in Norwich are given the necessary support to prosper. The Lib Dems will invest an extra £7bn in our children's education, increasing school budgets and the Pupil Premium.

'Secondly, we must do more to build the homes that we need. I will continue to campaign for the building of houses on 'brown field sites' – with the government stepping in if developers fail to act and continue to landbank.

'This is something that I have campaigned for over the last few years, given the number of undeveloped sites that exist throughout the city.

'Lastly, to champion Norwich's digital economy. The Lib Dems will create a 'start-up' allowance to help businesses in their early stages.

'We have huge talent here in Norwich, but the infrastructure is lagging behind and there are real risks from the impact of a 'hard Brexit'.

'The Lib Dems want to the people to be able to have a say on the final Brexit deal – not to just leave it to politicians.'

South Norfolk

Richard Bacon (Conservative)

'This election is very important for the future of our country. We have to get the next five years right. Britain needs a strong government to get the best deal as we leave the European Union.

'We need to keep our economy strong so that we can afford to pay for the National Health Service and social care.

'We need to make sure it pays to be in a job, with proper rights and protection in the workplace.

'Outside the EU, we will have the final say over who can come to live and work in Britain. But we also need to make sure young people have the right skills to take the jobs so employers do not need to bring in so many workers from overseas.

'I will continue to campaign for better broadband. There have been improvements but there is still more to do. I will keep up my food labelling campaign to give consumers the choice to support British farmers.

'It should be much easier for young people and families to get their own place to live. Many people want to get a piece of land and build the home they always dreamed of – and through the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act, which I steered through Parliament, this will become an increasingly normal housing choice for those who want it.

'I want to return to Parliament to work with Theresa May's Conservatives to build a stronger, fairer and more prosperous Britain, a country that works for everyone.'

Chris Brown (Liberal Democrat)

'I live within South Norfolk, near Harleston with my wife, Zoë, and three young children.

'With a young family and serving as a governor of a local primary school, I take a special interest in education and want to give our young people a brighter future. I oppose the Conservatives' planned cuts of £40m to Norfolk's schools and ending of free school meals. The Liberal Democrats will invest in schools, expanding free school meals to all primary pupils and trebling the pupil premium.

'Having also been a trustee of a homelessness charity and a local councillor before moving to Norfolk, I am keenly aware of housing and homelessness issues and am determined to tackle the local housing crisis. The Liberal Democrats will put an end to rough sleeping and set up a government commissioning programme to build new homes.

'I run my own business, and want to bring experience from this and my voluntary work to support South Norfolk by campaigning for better broadband in rural areas and improved transport links, and confronting our pressing environmental challenges.

'I want a country that is open, tolerant and united.

'I want the next generation to have the opportunities I had and be able to live, travel, work and study without hindrance across the EU.

'I will challenge hard Brexit at every opportunity. The only way to stop the hard Brexit Conservatives from taking the country in the wrong direction is to back me and vote Liberal Democrat in South Norfolk.'

Danielle Glavin (Labour)

'I love living in Norfolk but I know life could be better. I work at a cancer charity and I'm a farmer. That means I know how vital our NHS is. I also know the downsides of rural life.

'My first priority is to undo the damage caused by the Conservative Party's cuts.

'Our headteachers say they can't afford essential staff, our NHS is in crisis, we're waiting weeks to see GPs, police numbers have been cut, foodbank use is rising, and now pensioners will lose the triple lock on pensions and, in South Norfolk, 90pc are expected to lose their winter fuel payments. It won't be this way if you vote Labour.

'My second priority is better services. Look at Long Stratton, 1,800 homes are coming but where are the extra GP surgeries and school places? It's an issue across South Norfolk and it needs to change.

'I'll help the groups trying to roll-out better broadband and I'll fight for a better bus service.

'Vote for me and we can take back control of our trains when the franchise ends. At the moment Diss' rail service is owned by the Dutch - I want those profits to benefit Norfolk, not the Netherlands.

'My third priority is Brexit. Trade relies on EU exports, rights that protect us and our environment are at risk. We need a good deal and I will fight for one.

'Life can be better if you vote differently, vote for change, vote Labour in South Norfolk.'

Catherine Rowett (Green)

'I stood in the general election in 2015, and I am standing again in 2017. I live in Eaton, near the Norwich Research Park and I work at the University.

'I believe that South Norfolk urgently needs a Green future, and so does the UK more generally, for the sake of the planet, for the sake of the world, and for the sake of our country, which must not become a dependent satellite of Donald Trump's America.

'My priorities for the General Election are:

'Yes to keeping our ties with Europe; yes to the rights of EU citizens resident in the UK.

'No to tax evasion; yes to collaboration on global tax dodging.

'Yes to clean energy; no to fracking.

'Yes to full public funding of the NHS; no to privatisation.

'Yes to funding for public transport, cycling and railways, but no to HS2 and no to more destructive dirty roads.

'In South Norfolk many local problems stem from policies decided at Westminster: the Tories have caused a crisis in the NHS by draining its money into private companies' profits and by year on year cuts to social care provision.

'In denial about their electoral fraud and their deceptive tactics leading up to the referendum, the Conservatives are insisting on a devastating divorce from the EU, spelling untold misery to farmers, small businesses, students, researchers, health-workers, low-income families, British people abroad, EU citizens working here, and just about every voter in this constituency. This must be stopped.'

South West Norfolk

Stephen Gordon (Liberal Democrats)

'I have lived with my wife in Kenninghall in Norfolk for the past 34 years. For much of that time I have been a member of my parish council and latterly served as its chairman.

'I am a Liberal Democrat because I believe that of all the parties, the Liberal Democrats are best at capturing the importance of social justice and turning it into real, practical policy.

'Cuts to the government's budgets have had a damaging effect on the its ability to work effectively across all the areas it is responsible for, but most of all on education and health and social services.

'I will work to ensure the most vulnerable in society continue to get the best health, social care and education services possible. I will be a strong, committed and positive voice for the towns and villages of South West Norfolk.'

Peter Smith (Labour)

'Our NHS, our schools, our social services, social care, police, fire and ambulance services, mental health, children's services, youth services, disability support - all are at breaking point thanks to endless savage cuts.

'Our environment is under attack. Our rights at work are being taken away.

'We live in a Tory area with Tory councils and have suffered under a Tory government, so we experience this callous destruction as a tidal wave.

'All of us know someone whose life is being diminished by the loss of essential support and help.Or maybe you are experiencing the impact of this dramatic reduction in the services we rely on yourself?

I believe that this must change. 'We must reverse these cuts and privatisations. We must rebuild our public services. We must be an enabling government which sets out to ensure that everyone has the chance to lead a fulfilling life which is not dependent on the ability to pay.

'My job as an MP will be to work for all my constituents to improve all our lives. The job is not about giving me the opportunity to climb the greasy career pole or to pop up from London occasionally for a photo in the local paper.

'My home is here. My work, on your behalf, will be in Westminster. Together we can make a better future.'

Elizabeth Truss (Conservative)

'I have been honoured to represent South West Norfolk for the past seven years. If elected I will continue to fight for better roads and rail, more skilled jobs and thriving towns and villages.

'I want to see full dualling of the A47 and ensure communities affected by HGVs are protected. Following the £8.8m feasibility study we secured, I will press for the upgrade of the Ely North rail junction, which would enable half hourly services on the Fenline and Thetford line.

'Pubs, shops and churches are the lifeblood of our towns and villages. I will continue to support pubs to become community run like the Kings Arms, Shouldham and Fox, Gardboldisham. I will champion traders, historic buildings and traditional markets in Swaffham, Downham Market and Thetford.

'The great food produced here includes potatoes, salads, pork, onions and poultry. I will back Norfolk farmers through the Brexit process to make sure they have the tools and the markets to succeed.

'The Make it Marham campaign that I led secured the long term future of RAF Marham until at least 2040. Employing 5000 people and with the new £300m investment, I want to see more of the high skilled jobs and apprenticeships go to local people.

'More children in South West Norfolk now attend good and outstanding schools and if a school is not good enough I have pressed for urgent action to be taken and will continue to do so. I will also back rural pharmacies and GP practices to make sure patients are treated as close to home as possible.'

David Williams (UKIP)

'I am the only Brexit candidate on your ballot paper. In a constituency that voted overwhelmingly for Brexit, all the other candidates campaigned to stay in the EU.

'On the biggest political issue of our time I am the only candidate able to represent the majority of people in South West Norfolk and work for the Brexit they voted for.

'Liz Truss's voting record in the House of Commons shows that Brexit is far from the only issue where our Tory MP's views conflict with those of the people she was elected to represent.

'Since being parachuted into South West Norfolk in 2010, Liz Truss has voted for the Bedroom Tax, to raise VAT and voted against lower petrol prices for rural areas like ours.

'The Tories have made promises on immigration that they never intended to keep. Only UKIP are serious about controlling immigration and tackling the associated security risks open door immigration creates 1.8m extra people have come to live in the UK since 2010 alone.

'The Tories cut vital public services while giving away billions of pounds in so-called overseas aid. Only UKIP believe this money will be better spent at home.

'I know the issues that are important to the people of South West Norfolk; I have lived in Narborough for 26 years, serving on Breckland council for 16 of those years.

'I am the only candidate who can represent your views and give South West Norfolk a strong voice in Parliament.'


Peter Aldous (Conservative)

'It's been a privilege to have been Waveney's MP for the past seven years. In that time much has been achieved, such as securing funding for the Third Crossing of Lake Lothing.

'I'd like to complete the work that has started not only on the Third Crossing, but also the Lowestoft Flood Defence Scheme, the Beccles Southern Relief Road and the rollout of broadband to all properties, as well as to continue to campaign for further improvements to the roads and railways to Waveney.

'Much of this election is about Brexit and the need to get the best deal for the UK. Theresa May has a clear strategy for the negotiations that will start 11 days after the polling stations close.

'Brexit provides significant opportunities for the local fishing and farming industries, which are so important to our area.

'I will lobby hard to get the best deal for them. There is a one-off opportunity, which we must not squander, to revitalise the Lowestoft fishing industry.

'There have been improvements in recent years in local education and health services, but more needs to be done and I'd continue to work with the NHS, schools and colleges to deliver high quality services, attracting the best staff, ensuring that older people obtain the care that they need and that the necessary investment is made in mental health services.

'If re-elected, I shall continue 'to put Waveney first in Westminster.'

Sonia Barker (Labour)

'I am Suffolk born and bred and have lived and worked in Waveney for over 30 years. I am married with a daughter, Charlotte.

'I gained a degree through the OU whilst working full time, then got my teaching qualification from the UEA.

'I have been a teacher and examiner across high schools in Waveney as well as a NHS advocate and a Samaritan, giving me a wide experience of young people, families and their needs.

'I am the leader of the Labour Group on Waveney District Council, having been elected as leader for the fourth year running.

'I have been a Suffolk County Councillor for Pakefield as well as the Labour spokesperson for education and skills in Suffolk.

'I was vice chair of the county council education and children's services scrutiny committee, a position that I was voted on to for four years by cross party councillors.

'I was also part of a joint chairs and vice chairs scrutiny project across health and education which looked at the provision of services for adolescent mental health, the evidence of which went to the Parliamentary Select Committee.

'I have supported a wide range of local organisations as diverse as the Lowestoft Festival, Kessingland Arts Project, Park Run, The Seagull Theatre, Message on the Ball, Baby Basics, Foodbanks and the creation of the Gunton Woodland Burial Park.

'To relax I enjoy live music, the theatre and cinema. I have been a film extra and a DJ on Blyth Valley Radio.'

Allyson Barron (Independent)

'I was born and raised in Rhodesia / Zimbabwe and lived with my family in South Africa as a young adult, wife and mother , through the political conflicts of the countries.

'That has equipped me with a wider understanding of life and politics.

'I'm now choosing to use this experience without prejudice or discrimination to truthfully represent Waveney constituents at Westminster.

'Since arrival in the UK 2000 I have played a positive active role in local government clearly demonstrating our voice of our communities of Waveney deserve a rightful place for the betterment of us all.

'I've been a Suffolk County Councillor and a Waveney District Councillor and was elected unopposed to Lowestoft Town Council this May.

'I've been a business owner, was employed NHS up to December 2016 and am passionate about grassroots development and empowerment of families with a wide range of community work, including chairperson up to April 2017 of Signpost East Suffolk supporting the implementation of the successful projects such as FoodBank East Suffolk and Dreamworx Youth Projects.

'Being a wife and mother of three grown children, they are my inspiration as I believe so too are each and every family and person who deserve honest and fair representation especially regarding the matters that will effect all more so at this historic time.

'Being Independent enables the voice of Waveney to be fairly represented at Westminster without party political restrictions , yes indeed every family matters!'

Elfrede Brambley-Crawshaw (Green)

'I live in Beccles with my husband and two children I am an active member of my local community and this has been recognised in my recent win in the county council elections.

'I am eager to listen carefully to what people have to say and then find solutions that benefit us all.

'Waveney is always in my heart and I have a particular love of Lowestoft and its beautiful and often underestimated beaches.

'I want to be part of creating a more equal, sustainable and compassionate world and this led me to join the Green Party in 2013.

'I am particularly concerned with how are public services are being run. Our school children and teachers are suffering from top down imposed tests and standards which threaten to destroy creative thinking.

'Mental health issues have risen in our schools without the resources to help those that suffer.

'Waveney has experienced its share of cuts to healthcare with community based hospitals closing and a potentially dangerous situation at the James Paget.

'We have a whole generation of families and individuals unable to find secure and affordable housing despite paying record amounts in rent which in many cases leads to relative poverty and a struggle to pay for food and other essential services.'

Jacky Howe (Liberal Democrat)

'I was the parliamentary candidate for South Norfolk for the last 3 General Elections and last year had an extremely high profile as the Norfolk Lib Dem candidate in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

'Since moving to Norfolk in 1996 I have been very active in the local community serving on North Norfolk District Council and the County Council.

'At district level I was instrumental in setting up, and then Chairing, the North Norfolk Housing Trust. Now Victory Housing, this has transformed the housing of its tenants, spending millions on bringing their homes up to modern standards, and building much needed new affordable homes.

'As a county councillor, I was Deputy Leader of the Lib Dem Group and served on the Adult Social Services, Audit, Health Overview and Scrutiny Committees.

'I am delighted to have been asked to stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Waveney and use my knowledge of the community through my political career, my earlier experience as a banker and management consultant together with my experience as a development director to several socially focused Housing Associations.

'Liberal Democrats believe in a fair and even handed society but that seems to be sorely lacking in our current Government.

'I've never seen a more heartless, nasty and cruel policy, than the Dementia Tax. First it was removing the free school meals introduced by the Liberal Democrats and now forcing vulnerable, elderly people to sell their homes to pay for care is disgraceful.'

Bert Poole (UKIP)

'I was born in Great Yarmouth and spent my working life as a seagoing engineer with P&O Shipping, before coming ashore to work for IBM as a customer engineer.

'i was chairman of Lound Parish Council for four years, and elected to Suffolk County Council in 2013 where I served on the health scrutiny committee for Suffolk, the Great Yarmouth and Waveney health scrutiny committee, pension fund committee, audit committee and the development and control committee.

'Locally more than 63pc voted to leave the EU in last year's referendum. This was only possible because of the efforts of UKIP over an extended period.

Whole industries have been seen to go to the wall without being replaced with many thousands of highly-skilled, highly paid jobs being lost and destroying communities, all sacrificed on the altar of political expediency in order to prop up the false edifice of the EU.

'Locally, fishing, shipbuilding, canning, coachworks and others have all been affected. We need more jobs for those people who have houses, not more houses for people who do not have jobs.'

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