Full general election nominations

Voters can now see the final line up of their candidates vying for the votes in seats across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire - as the Electoral Commission said those trapped overseas because of the Icelandic ash cloud still had time to apply for a proxy vote.

Voters can now see the final line up of their candidates vying for the votes in seats across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire - as the Electoral Commission said those trapped overseas because of the Icelandic ash cloud still had time to apply for a proxy vote.

With just over two weeks to go until the May 6 poll, nominations closed yesterday with the final line up pretty much as expected.

Yesterday's deadline was also the last chance for people to register to vote and get a postal vote, and with thousands of people still trapped overseas this year could see a surge in the number of proxy votes.

Of the current eight seats in Norfolk the Conservatives are defending five, while Labour has two and the Lib Dems one.

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But a boundary change will also see the creation of a ninth seat Broadland which could see the Tories facing a strong Lib Dem challenge in a field that also features Labour, UKIP, the Greens, and the BNP.

All three main parties are fielding candidates in the nine Norfolk seats up for grabs as are the UK Independence Party and the Green Party.

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The British National Party is also fielding candidates in eight of the Norfolk constituencies - with North Norfolk the only exception.

Despite efforts to get more women elected to parliament, only 15 of the 54 candidates in Norfolk were women and three of the seats, North Norfolk, Norwich South, and North-West Norfolk will be 'men only' contests.

Among the lesser known entrants are candidates for the Christian Party in Norwich North, the Workers Revolutionary Party in Norwich South, and Lawfulness, Trustworthiness and Transparency in Great Yarmouth.

Further afield the English Democrats are fielding a candidate in North-East Cambridgeshire, while the New Party has a candidate in Central Suffolk.

In Norfolk, Norwich North had the highest number of candidates with eight people vying for the seat including independent Bill Holden, who along with candidates Chloe Smith and Glenn Tingle also stood in last year's by-election. There are seven candidates standing in Norwich South and Great Yarmouth, and six candidates in each of the other six seats.

Voters unable to get to the ballot box in person have until 5pm Tuesday to register to vote by proxy by appointing somebody they trust to vote on their behalf.

Yesterday the Electoral Commission said voters stuck abroad since the grounding of flights could take advantage of a proxy vote.

Andrew Scallan, the Electoral Commission's director of electoral administration, said: 'Some registered voters caught overseas by the disruption to air travel may decide there's a risk they can't get to the polling station on May 6 and while it's too late to apply for a postal vote they still have time to apply for a proxy vote.'

To apply for a proxy vote go to www.aboutmyvote.co.uk and print off the application form, sign it and send it back to your local electoral registration office by 5pm Tuesday.

For more information call 0800 3 280 280. Registration officers should accept faxed application forms or scanned copies by e-mail, as long as the details are clearly legible including a signature.

List of nominations



Stuart Agnew (UKIP), Allyson Barron (Lab), Edith Crowther (BNP), Susan Curran (Green), Daniel Roper (Lib Dem), Keith Simpson (Con)

Great Yarmouth

Alan Baugh (UKIP); Laura Biggart (Green); Brandon Lewis (Con); Margaret McMahon-Morris (Lawfulness, Trustworthiness and Transparency); Simon Partridge (Lib Dem); Bosco Tann (BNP); Tony Wright (Labour).

Mid Norfolk

Timothy Birt (Green), Richard (Toby) Coke (UKIP), George Freeman (Con), Elizabeth Hughes (Lab), Christine Kelly (BNP), David Newman (Lib Dem).

North Norfolk

Michael Baker (UKIP), Andrew Boswell (Green), Phil Harris (Lab), Trevor Ivory (Con), Norman Lamb (Lib Dems), Simon Mann (Independent)

Norwich North

John Cook (Lab), Jessica Goldfinch (Green), Bill Holden (Independent), Andrew Holland (The Christian Party), Thomas Richardson (BNP), Chloe Smith (Con), David Stephen (Lib Dem), Glenn Tingle (UKIP)

Norwich South

Charles Clarke (Lab), Steve Emmens (UKIP), Leonard Heather (BNP), Antony Little (Con), Gabriel Polley (Workers Revolutionary Party), Adrian Ramsay (Green), Simon Wright (Lib Dem)

North-West Norfolk

Henry Bellingham (Con), Michael De Whalley (Green), David Fleming (BNP), John Gray (UKIP), Manish Sood (Lab), William Summers (Lib Dem)

South Norfolk

Richard Bacon (Con), Mick Castle (Lab), Evan Heasley (UKIP), Jacky Howe (Lib Dem), Helen Mitchell (BNP), and Jo Willcott (Green).

South-West Norfolk

Lori Allen (Green), Steve Gordon (Lib Dem), Kay Hipsey (UKIP),Dennis Pearce (BNP), Peter Smith (Lab), Elizabeth Truss (Con)


Bury St Edmunds

David Chappel (Lib Dem), Mark Ereira-Guyer (Green), Kevin Hind (Lab), John Howlett (UKIP), David Ruffley (Con)

Suffolk Central & Ipswich North

Andrew Aalders-Dunthorne (Lib Dem), Bhavna Joshi (Lab), Roy Philpot (UKIP), Daniel Poulter (Con), Andrew Stringer (Green), Mark Trevitt (Ind), Richard Vass (New Party)

Suffolk Coastal

Stephen Bush (UKIP), Therese Coffey (Con), Daisy Cooper (Lib Dem), Rachel Fulcher (Green), and Adam Leeder (Lab).

Suffolk West

Belinda Brooks-Gordon (LD), Matthew Hancock (Con), Ramon Johns (BNP), Ohid Ahmed (Lab), Ian Smith (UKIP)


Peter Aldous (Con), Louis Barfe (Independent), Bob Blizzard (Lab), Alan Dean (Lib Dem), Graham Elliott (Green), Jack Tyler (UKIP).


North-East Cambs

Steve Barclay (Con), Susan Clapp (BNP), Debra Jordan (Independent), Robin Lee Talbot (UKIP), Graham Murphy (English Democrat), Peter Roberts (Lab), Lorna Spenceley (Lib Dem)

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