Former Norwich South MP Charles Clarke warns Labour’s leadership is failing

Former home secretary and Norwich South MP Charles Clarke has warned Labour's leadership is failing.

In an interview with The Telegraph, he said he believed Labour is currently lacking a coherent vision.

Mr Clarke said: 'We need to have a clear narrative of what we did right and what we did wrong. We're not remotely near that.

'Also, we have to remember we are opposing as a potential future government. Simply to say what the Government is doing is a load of rubbish is absolutely not good enough. We have to say what we would do in these circumstances.'

Mr Clarke said he regretted he did not fight harder to stop Gordon Brown becoming leader.

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He said: 'My biggest mistake in politics was that when I was home secretary, I could have played a much bigger part in the future direction of the Labour Party than I did. I should have fought harder against the bullying by Gordon's clique.'

He added: 'I could have done better than Gordon Brown. I think that under almost any other leader we would now have a hung parliament and be in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

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Mr Clarke is now a visiting professor of faith and politics at Lancaster University and working with the Religion and Society Programme.

He told The Telegraph he will not stand for Norwich again.

'I had already been quite fed up and out of sorts during the end of our government. Being in opposition is soul destroying. Politics is about making things happen, and if you haven't got the capacity to do that, it is very difficult,' he said.

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