Sir Norman Lamb ‘horrified’ by ‘astonishing’ exit poll results

MP Norman Lamb stepped down from the North Norfolk seat earlier this year. Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA

MP Norman Lamb stepped down from the North Norfolk seat earlier this year. Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA Images - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Former North Norfolk MP Sir Norman Lamb has said he is 'horrified' Boris Johnson looks set to be returned to Number 10 but also hit out at the Liberal Democrat campaign.

Speaking in the moments after the general election exit poll predicted an 86-seat Conservative majority Sir Norman said: "I am horrified by Boris Johnson I don't think he is fit to be our prime minister - I think he struggles with the truth. But they have played to people's feelings about the complete failings of parliament to sort this out."

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He added: "It is quite an astonishing result. In my view this has been the worst government in living memory - achieved virtually nothing and yet they have won with a spectacular majority. I think it poses massive questions for both Labour and the Lib Dems. Corbyn is a disastrous Labour leader.

"I have been confronted by so many people of all classes who have been left completely uninspired and without any idea of how they are going to vote. People have thought 'I can't vote Corbyn I better vote Johnson'."

Sir Norman, who stood down as an MP at this election after successfully holding North Norfolk since 2001, was also critical of the Lib Dems' campaign nationally and admitted things looked bleak in his old seat.

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"I also think we fought a very poor campaign. The central message has been wrong. It is not a result that particularly surprises me."

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