FENLAND DISTRICT COUNCILBASSENHALLY: K Mayor (C).BENWICK, COATES and EASTREA - two seats: R Butcher (C ); L Keppel-Spoor (Ind); P Potts (C ).BIRCH: D Biggs (Lab); C Colbert (LD); A Melton (C).

BASSENHALLY: K Mayor* (C); Uncontested C hold.

BENWICK, COATES and EASTREA; - two seats: R BUTCHER* (C ) 841; L Keppel-Spoor (Ind) 430; P POTTS* (C ) 774. Con hold.

BIRCH: D Biggs (Lab) 55; C Colbert (LD) 252; A MELTON*(C) 316. Con hold.

CLARKSON: C Cox* (C ); Uncontested C hold.

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DELPH: K Mayor (C); Uncontested C hold.

DODDINGTON: G Harper* (C); Uncontested C hold.

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ELM and CHRISTCHURCH - two seats: M COTTERELL* (C) 700; R Pinnock (Ind) 319; P WEBB (C) 540. Con hold.

HILL; -two seats: S King* (C); Uncontested C hold; B Wegg* (C);Uncontested C hold.

KINGSMOOR: M Curtis* (C); Uncontested C hold.

KIRKGATE: L Sims* (C); Uncontested C hold.

LATTERSEY: S Garrett *(C) Uncontested C hold.

MANEA: M ARCHER(Ind) 487; R Sears* (C) 306. Ind gain maj 108.

MARCH EAST- three seats: J CLARK (C) 1,011; C Hancox (LD) 322; B Howlett* (Lab) 724; B KEANE* (C) 981: H Kinnear (LD) 357; F YEULETT* (C) 1026. Con gain one seat.

MARCH NORTH; - three seats: P Adams (LD) 586; A Fey (LD) 573; T QUINCE* (C) 862; V Roscoe (LD) 470; P TUNLEY (C) 737; J WEST* (C) 818. Con hold.

MARCH WEST; - three seats: S Court (LD) 727; J FRENCH* (C) 1,045; K OWEN* (C) 1,049: P SKOULDING* (C) 883. Con hold.

MEDWORTH: J FARMER*(C) 360; M Plumb (Lab) 196. Con hold maj 164.

PARSON DROVE and WISBECH ST MARY- two seats: C Bellamy* (C); Uncontested C hold. C Edwards* (C); Uncontested C hold.

PECKOVER: D Oliver* (C) Uncontested C hold.

ROMAN BANK - three seats: P Hatton* (C); Uncontested C hold; M Humphrey* (C) Uncontested C hold; C Seaton (C); Uncontested C hold.

SLADE LODE: C Howes (LD) 223; F NEWELL* (C) 260; G Osbourn (Lab) 67. Con hold maj 37.

STAITHE: R Green* (C); Uncontested C hold.

ST ANDREWS: M Speechley* (C); Uncontested C hold.

ST MARYS: K Peachey (C); Uncontested C hold.

THE MILLS: D Baldry (LD) 301; R GERMAN* (C) 400. Con hold maj 99.

WATERLEES - two seats: A Gilliatt* (Lab) 310; R GRIFFIN (C) 538; A Purt (Lab) 316; D WHEELER (C) 528. Con gain.

WENNEYE: C Bryce (LD) 226; P MURPHY* (C) 488. Con hold maj 262.

WIMBLINGTON: J TUCK* (C) 435; M Watkins (LD) 213. Con hold maj 222.

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