Families take a stand against proposed changes for car park in Norwich city centre

Residents are protesting proposed changes to a car park on Hanover Road

Residents are protesting proposed changes to a car park on Hanover Road - Credit: Archant

Families on Hanover and Newmarket Road in Norwich are opposing proposed changes to a car park in their neighbourhood.

Residents were notified by letter over the past few months that changes were to be made to the area, including a proposed development for four new homes and adjoining gardens.

In a letter to the EDP a group of these homeowners, including Jane France, Biddy Collyer, Tania Atkins, Jane and Richard Youngs and Lynne Miller, expressed their concerns about the proposal.

And while councillors have gone door-to-door and asked those who live in the neighbourhood their opinions on the changes, the group fears that if a planning application is approved by Norwich City Council, they will have no easily accessible place to park without the lot.

'We're very upset about it - during the day the car park seems empty when people are at work but it fills up at night. This will inconvenience quite a lot of people,' 69-year-old Jane France from Hanover Road said.

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Some say there's not adequate parking on the road to make up for the loss of spaces, especially with the return of students back to the city.

'Without those spots people will have to go looking on different streets. The people who live here are mostly families with kids and older people.

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'If you're older you don't want to walk down dark streets on your own back to your flat. We don't want people in their 70's to have to start riding bikes. And if the road is blocked off from cars, how do you drop off children safely?' Mrs France said.

The council held a planning meeting earlier this month that was open to members of the public. A few families attended the meeting to express their concerns.

Though the group of disgruntled homeowners recognise the importance of creating new housing in the city centre, they believe there's a way to reach a mutually-beneficial solution.

'It seems to be a shame that they have to squeeze houses into this small area. I see the need for housing but we want to look for a compromise,' Mrs France said.

An official planning application has not yet been submitted to Norwich City Council. They were unable to comment on the proposed changes.

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