EU straw poll: East Anglia’s most and least eurosceptic towns

A member of protocol arranges the British flag prior to the arrival of British Prime Minister David

A member of protocol arranges the British flag prior to the arrival of British Prime Minister David Cameron at the European Parliament in Brussels. (AP Photo/Virginia Mayo) - Credit: AP

Voters in Dereham were the most inclined to opt to leave the European Union, according to our latest snapshot.

Of the 48 people we spoke to in the town centre last week, 77pc said they planned to vote for a Brexit. Those we talked to in the south Norfolk town of Diss also proved to be more eurosceptic with 62pc opting to leave.

Norwich was the most pro-European Union centre where of the 100 people we spoke to 56pc told us that they planned to vote to remain. Those we spoke to in Great Yarmouth, which often ranks as one of the most eurosceptic places in the country, were also more in favour of remain.

Across all the towns the overall vote put the leave campaign nine points ahead of remain on 39pc, with 21pc still undecided and 10pc saying they will not vote.

Kay Grey, leader of the UK Independence Party at Great Yarmouth Borough Council said she was surprised by the result for Yarmouth. 'Just about everybody we speak to, apart from the Labour supporters, but even Labour supporters are saying they want to leave.

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'Conservative supporters want to leave. Our supporters want to leave. I would say 80pc of the people we speak to want to leave.'

She said it was not just the UK Independence Party campaigning. While her party is out delivering leaflets, it is also working with the official Vote Leave campaign.

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But South Norfolk Council leader John Fuller, who is supporting remain, said: 'Many people have made up their minds, but people are looking for information. The 'in' campaigners are out there doing school debates and street stalls to put across positive reasons for remaining in the EU.

'With their hearts they think they want to leave but their heads tell them they want to remain. Our challenge is to explain the facts so their heads rule the hearts and minds.'

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