Election 2017: UKIP see share of vote plummet in Norfolk and Waveney

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall visits Great Yarmouth on the last day of the election campaign. Photo: Geor

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall visits Great Yarmouth on the last day of the election campaign. Photo: George Ryan - Credit: Archant

We know Labour had a good night and, although the Conservatives in our region retained their seats, the party nationally had a disastrous one.

Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb retained North Norfolk in the face of fierce competition, but what about the other parties?

For UKIP it was a chastening election. Their leader Paul Nuttall suffered a crushing defeat in his bid for Boston and Skegness, which triggered his resignation.

And in Norfolk and Waveney, they picked up just 12,500 votes. In 2015, when the party got more than 83,000 votes, they came close to this year's total in a single seat - when Paul Smyth came second to Elizabeth Truss in South West Norfolk with just over 11,600 votes.

The party did chose not to stand in four of the 10 Norfolk and Waveney seats, urging their supporters to lend the Conservative candidates their votes.

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But, even though they stood in fewer constituencies, there's no disguising that, just a few weeks after losing all their Norfolk county councillors, this was a terrible night for UKIP.

In South West Norfolk, their vote share nosedived by more than 18pc, it dropped by nearly 17pc in Great Yarmouth, plummeted by nearly 15pc in North West Norfolk and Mid Norfolk, fell by nearly 14pc in Broadland and was nearly 11pc down in Waveney.

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However, UKIP were not alone in seeing their vote share take a huge hit. In 2015 the Greens got 22,542 votes, but this time they got just 6,610 in Norfolk and Waveney.

At one point in 2015, the party were tipped to win Norwich South, although Lesley Grahame ended up finishing third with 6,749 votes.

This time, as victorious Labour candidate Clive Lewis more than doubled his majority, Green Richard Bearman picked up a mere 1,492 votes in the constituency - a drop of 11pc.

And the Liberal Democrats, despite Mr Lamb's notable success, saw their number of votes fall from 50,523 to 47,709.

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