Election 2017: Norwich South hopeful Clive Lewis says ‘nasty party is back’

Clive Lewis, Labour, at the Norwich South election hustings, held at the City of Norwich School. Pic

Clive Lewis, Labour, at the Norwich South election hustings, held at the City of Norwich School. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2017

The 'nasty party' is back and it has prompted a shift in opinion on the doorstep, according to one Labour candidate.

Norwich South hopeful Clive Lewis, who won the seat from the Liberal Democrats two years ago, believes an improving Labour effort nationally and a 'chaotic' Tory campaign is changing voters' minds.

He said: 'I've noticed a significant number of people who have had the chance to listen to Jeremy Corbyn during the campaign and have said to me 'your boy is doing good – I've changed my mind about him'.

'But it is more than that – The Tories' chaotic campaign is helping as well. And some of their manifesto policies prove the nasty party is back with Theresa May.'

Mr Lewis believes three moments will come to define this general election: 'Our manifesto being leaked, Theresa May's social care policy and Jeremy's speech after the Manchester atrocity.

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'The fact our policies were out there early and the media discussed them for two days was fantastic for us. It meant there was more than just headlines but some good, in-depth stuff as well.

'Then we had the social care u-turn which I think has been hugely damaging for the Conservatives. It is being mentioned to me a lot when I am canvassing.

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'And Jeremy's speech was brave. Due to the emotion around the bombing people listened to him because they want a solution to terrorism. They engaged with that speech.'

Mr Lewis said people have made it clear during the campaign that education and health are the areas where Labour is the must trusted.

'People trust us with the NHS far more than they do any other party,' he said. 'But also I think our policies on education have impressed a lot of voters.

'Lots of young people can only remember cuts and a belief that 'it is not going to get any better than this'. But we are offering hope and a serious alternative to that – and people are really responding.'

The other candidates in Norwich South are Richard Bearman (Green), Lana Hempsall (Conservative) and James Wright (Liberal Democrat).

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