‘The NDR is a nightmare’ - £205m road blamed for making college coaches late

Sanders Coaches have said NDR roundabouts have caused them to reroute on of their bus services Pictu

Sanders Coaches have said NDR roundabouts have caused them to reroute on of their bus services Picture: Neil Didsbury - Credit: Archant

A coach service which shuttles students to college will no longer stop at one of its original pick-ups - because the Northern Distributor Road was making it late.

The 56 service, which is run by Sanders Coaches previously numbered Horsford among its many stops on the way from Sheringham to the Easton College.

However, from this academic year forward, the service will no longer stop in the village - and Sanders Coaches general manager Richard Pengelley says the £205m road is to blame.

He said: "Since the NDR has been built, the service has really struggled to access it and would frequently make students late for their classes.

"With the route we take, the way onto it is via one of the roundabouts. However, because traffic moves so quickly our drivers can be waiting around 20 minutes at a time for a gap big enough for one of our coaches."

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Mr Pengelley said the only ways to make the service efficient would be to either pull the entire timetable forward or bypass the village completely.

The latter option was taken following discussions with the college, meaning students from the village either need to catch it in neighbouring Hevingham or travel into the city and take the shuttle bus from there.

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Mr Pengelley added: "I know some people will clearly be upset, but these are young adults who will likely have been using regular bus services for many years.

"Were it a primary school it would have been a different story, but the NDR really hasn't helped us at all. It has worked for many people, but for Sander's Coaches it has been a nightmare."

One of those who will be affected is 16-year-old Joel Starling, who begins studying public services at the college in September.

Lisa Starling, his mother, said: "I find it incredible that the road has been put there to make life more convenient for people, but that it has been everything but that for Horsford.

"It is really frustrating to only find out about this with a few weeks remaining until college begins - I feel it is a bit of a poor show."

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