East Anglia will vote for Brexit, our latest survey shows

ustice Secretary Michael Gove, who is one of the leading figures in Vote Leave, will visit Norwich o

ustice Secretary Michael Gove, who is one of the leading figures in Vote Leave, will visit Norwich on Monday as an EDP poll shows a firm lead in Norfolk and Suffolk for the Leave campaign. Photo: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire - Credit: PA

East Anglia looks set to say no to our continued membership of the European Union in Thursday's once-in-a-generation referendum – but the latest national polls suggest Britain will vote to remain.


Our survey of about 1,000 eligible voters across the region last week puts Brexit 13.5 points ahead in Norfolk and Suffolk – although experts suggest this lead is likely to close, with a similar number percent-age of voters yet to make up their mind.

Our poll, conducted with sister paper the East Anglian Daily Times, comes as leading Vote Leave figure-head Michael Gove will today answer questions from EDP readers in the second of our referendum events, hosting senior figures from the two campaigns.

Last week, David Cameron visited our Norwich office for a similar question and answer session. We carried out our research between June 13 and 16, before the fatal shooting and stabbing of Labour MP Jo Cox in West Yorkshire.

One poll has since suggested that there has been a swing, nationally, towards remain since the tragedy.

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Of those we spoke to in Norfolk and Suffolk, 33.5pc said they would be voting remain with 47pc saying they would opt to cut our ties with Brussels.

But there were 15.5pc who were undecided and 4pc who say they will not vote.

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The Brexit vote hardened to a 17 point lead when Wisbech and north Essex were taken into account.

As in previous polls, Norwich bucked the regional trend with 48pc, saying they would vote to remain, 26pc backing a leave vote, with 22pc undecided, and 4pc not voting. University of East Anglia

polling expert Dr Chris Hanretty said: 'I think this poll shows quite clearly that the East of England is going to deliver a 'leave' vote – but this is a margins game.

'Will the eventual 'leave' vote be as firm as it's reported here, or will the – in my view, quite large percentage of – undecided voters mean that the margin is somewhat less?'

Writing for the EDP ahead of his visit today, Mr Gove said the East of England's 500,000 businesses would have more freedom to grow if we leave the European Union.

Like the prime minister, who took questions last week, the justice secretary put farming at the heart of his message claiming the 'inimical' Common Agricultural Policy was hitting farming areas in East Anglia especially hard.

Campaigning in the European Union referendum commenced yesterday after a three day hiatus following Mrs Cox's death.

A Survation poll for The Mail on Sunday suggests 'remain' has opened up a three-point lead in the wake of the MP's killing.

The work – carried out on Friday and Saturday - puts remain on 45pc with Leave on 42pc.

The findings reverse the result of a Survation poll on Thursday which had Leave ahead on 45pc and Remain on 42pc.

A clutch of national polls conducted either partially or fully before campaigning was suspended continued to present a mixed picture.

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