Town to plant copse of trees to honour key worker sacrifices

Dereham Town Council Memorial Hall meeting

Dereham Town Council met on Tuesday evening in the town's memorial hall, in order to have enough space to socially distance. It was the first in-person meeting of the council since the pandemic began. - Credit: Noah Vickers

A copse will be planted to honour the sacrifices made by key workers during the pandemic in a Norfolk town, its local council has decided.

At a Tuesday meeting of Dereham Town Council, councillors discussed a proposal to plant a small copse of trees and a bench, with a plaque explaining what it commemorates.

In a speech read out by a fellow councillor in her absence, Amy-Jane Brooks wrote: “Due to the enormous sacrifices which have been made by everyone during the pandemic - particularly those who have worked on the front line throughout, and who have put themselves at risk, I think it’s important to commemorate what they have done.”

Councillors approved of the idea in principle, but will look into realising the project in more detail, such as a suitable location, at a future meeting - either of the full council or of its heritage and recreation committee. 

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